Grammar focus

Asking for ideas: Question word + shall we + infinitive

What shall we do?
Where shall we go?
What time shall we meet?
Who shall we invite?

Making suggestions: Phrase + infinitive

We could go swimming.
Shall we go for a walk?
Maybe we can watch a film?
Let's have a picnic.
Why don't we visit Tony?

Put the words in the correct order to ask for ideas
or make suggestions.

1.  we shall to park the go?
2.  can maybe play we tennis.
3. shall where in morning meet we the?
4.  don't go skiing we why winter next?
5.  castle visit let's the tomorrow.
6.   shall we next holiday where go our for?
7.   play we squash could
8.   shall buy her what for mum we birthday?

Now check your answers

Make suggestions using the ideas in the pictures.

What shall we do tomorrow?

Now check your answers
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