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Vocabulary builder

Learn some English nouns

Use the verb "be" to say what things are:

Look up these words in a dictionary:

table, chair, bed

pencil, phone, bag, purse, suitcase

piano, organ, violin

hotel, room, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room, garden

church, cathedral, park, museum, bridge

Learn some English adjectives

Use the verb "be" to describe things:


It's red. It's yellow. It's green.
It's blue. It's white. It's black.
It's orange. It's purple.


It's big.                                             

It's small.


It's hot today.
It's sunny.
It's dry.

It's cold today.
It's windy.
It's wet.

Other descriptions:

It's tasty.

It's interesting.

She's beautiful.