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Grammar focus

A summary of the verb "be"

 form of verb "be" contraction
 He's / She's / It's

When we speak, we usually use the contracted form with pronouns (I, You, He, etc.).

Put the correct form of "be" in the following sentences.

I ____ 35 years old.

He ____ from Canada.

That house _____  big.

The cathedral _____ interesting.

You ______ from Ukraine.

They ______ from Russia.

We ______ from England.

Now check your answers


When we say what something is, we usually need to use the "indefinite article", a or an.

Use a before consonant sounds, and an before vowel sounds:

It's a mouse.

It's an elephant.

He's a pilot.

He's an astronaut.

She's a nurse.

She's a student.

Put the correct article in the following sentences.

He is ___ teacher.

This is ____ egg.

She is _____ opera singer.

I am _____ engineer.

This is ____ museum.

You are _____ tourist.

Now check your answers
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