Beginner ESL Course Contents

A course for beginner English students learning English as a foreign language. Learn some basic vocabulary and some simple verb forms, and soon you will be able to talk about different subjects in the past, present, and future.

Before you start...                            
  • learn about sentences
  • learn some words
  • learn the numbers
1. Introductions
  • introduce yourself
  • learn the verb "be"
  • learn some basic words
2. What do you do?
  • read about different people
  • learn the "present simple"
  • talk about your job
  • talk about food
  • tell the time
3. What do you like doing?
  • talk about your hobbies
  • say what you like, love or hate
  • have a conversation

4. A grand day out
  • read a postcard
  • learn the "past simple"
  • talk about places in a town
  • write a postcard
  • have a conversation about your holiday
5. What shall we do tomorrow?
  • make plans for tomorrow
  • ask for ideas
  • make suggestions
6. My home
  • describe your house or flat
  • talk about your town or city
  • talk about the countryside