Train Performance

Welcome to the MLRR's Passenger Train Performance Log page. This page has been set up to give visitors an idea of how the MLRR's trains perform. As you have may have read throughout the site, the MLRR's mainline does not have the luxury of a large space and is limited to using relatively small radius curves and very compact station approaches. These conditions, as you can imagine, make operating trains a challenge for the railroad.

Below is a table that lists the latest trains operated by the MLRR. The railroad has a rating system for its trains and is explained by the legend below:

5Perfect Run, no mechanical or electrical mishaps.
4Near perfect run but disturbed due to human error or less than 3 isolated incidents.
3Consistent derailment/uncoupling of cars or poor locomotive performance.
2Poor performance and serious repairs/corrections made in the middle of run.

Significant wreck or mechanical/electrical difficulties causing cancellation of train.

A rating denoted with a (*) next to it indicates human error that could have been avoided with capital improvements to system infrastructure.

This page will be updated as frequently as possible. Any additional questions, as always, email me. Enjoy!

The abbreviations in the parenthesis indicate direction. NB=Northbound, SB=Southbound, EB=Eastbound, and WB=Westbound.

MLRR Train Passenger Train Performance