The Mary Lindsay Limited

The Mary Lindsay Limited is the MLRR's marquee train much like the Broadway Limited and 20th Century Limited was to the Pennsylvania and New York Central Railroad respectively.  The train was named like the railroad, after Kyle's Grandmother, Mary Lindsay.  After the railroad was given its name it was still felt that it wasn't enough.  Passengers needed a train that would have high quality service and what better way to honor Kyle's grandmother than naming this special train after her.

The Mary Lindsay Limited follows the route of Amtrak's Broadway limited.  This was the very first train that Mary took Kyle on and it was felt that this would be the best route for this train.  Had it not been for a 3 hour and 45 minute delay on Kyle's first cross-country rail trip with his grandmother, the Mary Lindsay Limited may have very well taken over the "Three Rivers" service.  The MLRR's schedule is based off of the delayed timetable of Amtrak's "Broadway Limited" which departed at 3:45 Thursday February 10, 1994.

On-board services include, Dining service, a lounge car, and round the clock movies in both coach and first class service.  First class service however has a wide range of movies to choose from as a result of the new amenities provided by the new Viewliner Sleeping Cars. 

 The Mary Lindsay Limited is one of the only trains that caries absolutely no freight during any of its runs.  It is strictly for passengers.  This train is given top priority on the MLRR over any other trains. It is very rare to see other trains crossed over in front of it and those who ride the Mary Lindsay Limited will notice that very rarely does the train slow down for other traffic.  The Mary Lindsay Limited is known for using the latest, long distance equipment, as well as locomotive power. Entering service in the Fall of 2000 the Mary Lindsay Limited is the MLRR's shining jewel on the rails. Considered the "Concord" of the MLRR fleet, no MLRR experience is complete without a ride on this train.