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Acela Express

The Acela Express High Speed Train entered service on the Mary Lindsay Railroad in the Winter of 2003; three years after Bachmann had originally introduced the HO scale train set to the model railroad market.  The MLRR currently operates two compressed consists which includes two power cars (both with motors) and one of each type Acela passenger car including a first class car, cafe car, business class car and end-business class car.  The MLRR currently has the fleet capacity to operate two full-length Acela train sets but due to infrastructure restraints, the additional business class cars are left out of the train's consist on both sets.


The MLRR's electric locomotive fleet began to grow beginning with the release of the HO AEM7 by Atlas Model Railroad Company in 1999/2000.  Electric locomotives on the MLRR allowed the railroad to carry out more frequent operating session based on real-time schedules.  

The fleet currently consists of AEM7s, HHP-8 and E60 locomotives.  The E60 was the first electric locomotive model to operate on the MLRR and was a Bachmann model with a pancake motor.  This proved to be troublesome and the railroad gave up on operating the E60 until it was able to acquire an American GK version which is built off of the Athearn can motor system.  Currently the MLRR does not operate the E60 in service just as Amtrak no longer operates its fleet of E60s which were retired in 2005.  The MLRR has no current plans to sell the two functional E60 locomotives that it currently has in storage.


Diesel locomotives make up the majority of locomotive power on the MLRR.  With the fleet primarily consisting of AMD-103 locomotives, this locomotive makes up the backbone of passenger service on the railroad.  

One interesting fact is that the MLRR's first passenger locomotive was not a diesel and it took the MLRR quite some time to acquire an intercity passenger diesel which resulted in the Life-Like F40PH.  In 1997/1998, the railroad acquired eight AMD-103 locomotives to expand its locomotive fleet capacity.

The diesel fleet currently consists of AMD-103s, F40s, F59s, a Dash 8-32BW, GP7, SD70Ace's, GEVOS, AC6000s, 4400ACWs and (hopefully) soon-to-be delivered, MP36s.

Layout Action

The MLRR has undergone a number of changes over the years.  It originally started as an oval on carpeted floor for a number of years until it was finally moved to more exclusive facilities.

Photos in this section can include photos from the MLRR's entire lifespan.  Each photos should have a date associated with it to give the visitor a sense of timeline and better note the changes that have occurred over time.  Additionally, the subject matter of the photos will be more broad.