Custom MLRR Projects

Welcome to the MLRR's "Custom Projects" page! Lately the MLRR has taken on a number of intense modification projects to some of its equipment and it was felt that it would be appropriate to provide a page that would show viewers the steps that were taken to complete the projects.

The intent of this page is to serve as a journal and archive of projects that the MLRR has undertaken and will be updated as frequently as possible. All formats of each project will be written in first person by the MLRR president himself; Kyle Nembhard.  While it is the intention to provide a step-by-step process for all of the projects, it is not guaranteed that every project listed will get the same treatment.  We will work to provide the tutorials when possible.  Until that time, feel free to contact us for questions regarding the projects you see listed below which are arranged in the order of the most recently completed/progressed, project.

We hope you enjoy and find this page useful! Please check back frequently for progress on projects currently underway.

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The long-awaited, re-tooled and more accurate Walthers Amfleet I Coach and Cafe cars have been made available for over a year now and in addition to all the added detail, modelers were also given interiors with optional lighting.  

For those looking to model trains with full dinette or club car arrangements however, this can be a disadvantage.  Luckily, with some additional work and the use of after-market parts from Palace Car Co., one can re-configure the stock Food Service car into an arrangement of their choice.

This page will show the steps and process for both the full dinette and club cars.

MARC III Kawasaki Bi-Level Commuter Cars

Photo Courtesy of "Jersey Mike"

Resin Kits from Island Model Works which include, a one-piece body shell, trucks, and windows.  Decals are also offered by IMW but sold separately.

The models were assembled and painted by the MLRR.  The cars are finished with Alclad II high shine chrome which is a lacquer.  

Added detail includes the windshield wipers from "A-Line" and the K5LA horn from "Details West".

Working lights were also installed by the MLRR.

Photo Courtesy of Scotch Canadian

This project primarily focuses on repairing the stirrups found under the door at the rear of the car. Once repaired, the modeler has the option of updating the livery or leaving the model as-is. Since I personally wanted another Phase IVb 1700 Series Baggage Car and wasn't willing to pay MSRP plus Shipping/Handling and tax, for the upcoming Amtrak 40th release, I decided to overhaul one of my older cars.

4910 series "MARC" HHP-8

Photo Courtesy of Geroge W. Hamlin


Bachmann is the manufacturer of the HO HHP-8 which is used by not only Amtrak; but Maryland Area Rail Commuter (MARC) between Perryville and Washington D.C. Bachmann has not produced an HHP-8 in MARC's color scheme and so the MLRR took on the task of painting one itself.

AMD-103 P40 Conversion to P32AC-DM

Photo Courtesy of Geno Dailey

There is currently no HO model of the P32DM on the market except brass models and so the MLRR has taken on the task of kitbasing its own model. In addition to that it will attempt to paint the locomotive in the phase V paint scheme.        

Photo Courtesy of Geno Dailey


Repaint of a Walthers Amfleet I passenger car using custom decals and "Highball Graphics" decals.

Photo Courtesy of Geno Dailey

This car sports the Acela Regional Paint Schem (Phase V) found on the Northeast Corridor between 1999 and 2004

Photo Courtesy of Mark Obrzut via RR Picture Archives

Although a model of the AEM7 is available, no model of the AEM7AC is available and the MLRR has taken on the task of creating one using an Atlas Undecorated AEM7.


Photo Courtesy of Marty Bernard

A general description of how to modify stock models of the E60 into its latest appearance prior to its retirement. Project demonstrated on a Bachmann Shell. (American GK model Shown)

9600 series Ex-Metroliner Cab
Photo Courtesy of Geno Dailey


No Image

An old Bachmann Metroliner Cab is being converted to the current Ex-Metroliner Cab found on the Springfield Shuttle and Keystone Service.