Pipeline Projects

Below is a list of projects and tasks that the MLRR has identified.  The list will be updated as appropriate.  If you see any projects below that you would like to know more about, feel free to leave a comment below or send an email.

The following are a key for the terms that will be found in the "Status" column:

Ready - All materials and resources are available to begin the project/task
Stalled - circumstances have required that the project's progress be halted
Funded - monetary resources are in place but other resources may not be available
Postponed - No foreseeable advancement on the project
Under Construction - actively being progressed
Planned - No progress or dedicated resources have been allocated/dedicated to the project


Project/Task  Start Date Target Date Status         
Metro-North M7A: Re-power power cars with Stanton Drive power trucks and install working headlights and marker lights 2013Fall 2013 Under Construction
Amtrak California Cars: Metalize, paint and build cars for operation  6/28/2012 Stalled: Storm on 6/30/2012 and subsequent power outage disrupted progress
Amtrak P32AC-DM #709: Build from existing Athearn Kit  Ready
Amtrak P32AC-DM #708: Re-build P40 number 838 into P32AC-DM2011  Under Construction
MARC HHP-8 #4915: Re-paint HHP-8 into MARC colors   Ready
MARC HHP-8 #4914: Re-paint HHP-8 into MARC colors (for sale)  Ready
Metro-North M7A: Overhaul carbodies for Alclad II application   Planned 
Assemble Budd, Stainless Steel Gallery Coach Car   Ready 
Assemble Budd, Stainless Steel Gallery Cab Car   Ready 
Metro-North M2 MU: Construct four-car set from Island Model Works Kit.  2008 Stalled 
Ex-Metroliner 9600 Series Cab Car #9646: re-build from Bachmann metroliner   Ready
Ex-Metroliner 9600 Series Cab Car #964?: re-build from Bachmann metroliner   Ready
Ex-Metroliner Cab Car #9800re-build from Bachmann metroliner  2008  Stalled
Install working headlights and marker lights on Stainless Steel METRA bi-level Galelry Cars    Planned
Amtrak 40th Anniversary Exhibit Train: work with models acquired through the Amtrak 40th promotion to create a scale model of the prototype exhibit train    Ready
Amtrak AEM7AC #927: Install DCC decoder  Complete
Amtrak AEM7AC #934: Install DCC decoder  Complete
Overhaul heritage dining car "Silver Parlor" with phase IVb paint and Alaclad II finish   Under Construction 

Capital Infrastructure

 Project/TaskStart DateTarget Date Status
Integrate CTI train control into layout for automated operation (primarily for commuter trains)   Complete
Ballast Chicago/Washington Yard/Terminal Through Tracks and approaches   Planned
Ballast Penn/GCT/BOS Terminal through tracks   Planned
Install remote turnout switches for Penn/GCT/BOS Terminal through tracks: one RH and one LH needed for either end of tracks   Complete
Install LED lighting in Walthers LAUPT platform kits 2012 Ready