Walking in this World

Expanding The Artist’s Way process as suggested by Julia Cameron

Led by Mary Ledvina, MOT, LMT

Mondays 6:30-8:30 pm, March 12th – June 4th (skip April 2nd)

Location: Whitmore Lake, 15 minutes from downtown Ann Arbor

Cost: $330 (Before Feb. 26th: $270)

Do you want to slow down and refill your creative well? Do you want to gather inspiration and undertake deep self-care  while you generate art? 

Ease the difficulty of living a creative life by experiencing the shared faith and companionship of Walking in this World teachings.

Excavate and clarify your creative dreams through Julia Cameron’s proven creative unblocking techniques. Use the support of your creative collaborators to make your dreams manifest.

Walking in this World is intended to demystify the obstacles commonly found on the creative path. It addresses issues common not only to beginners but to those much further on the creative road.” —Julia Cameron

Previous experience with The Artist’s Way is not required.


Week 1: Discovering a Sense of Origin

Week 2: Discovering a Sense of Proportion

Week 3: Discovering a Sense of Perspective

Week 4: Discovering a Sense of Adventure

Week 5: Discovering a Sense of Personal Territory

Week 6: Discovering a Sense of Boundaries

Week 7: Discovering a Sense of Momentum

Week 8: Discovering a Sense of Discernment

Week 9: Discovering a Sense of Resiliency

Week 10: Discovering a Sense of Camaraderie

Week 11: Discovering a Sense of Authenticity

Week 12: Discovering a Sense of Dignity

To sign up for this class or find out more information, email Mary or call 734-646-9161

One-on-one Journaling sessions
Do you want listen to your still small inner voice and take notes on what your heart tells you? Do you yearn to express yourself with the written word? Try one-on-one Journaling sessions. Get in touch with yourself through writing. These individualized sessions can help you realize a practice of writing for yourself. Choose to learn timed writing, list making, receiving guidance, poetry, memoir, fiction or work with your inner critic.

One-on-one Drawing for Emotional Healing sessions
Do you want to use imagery to get in touch with your emotions? Do you want to discover your soul’s wisdom? Try one-on-one drawing for emotional healing sessions. Learn how to access, release and transform your emotions. These individualized sessions help you create image of your feelings and receive inner guidance. Choose to overcome fear, resolve inner conflict, discover your soul's purpose or draw the landscape of your heart.

Benefits of individualized classes: 

Total attention of teacher,  can feel more free to reveal self, more time for self-discovery, more healing for your inner critic,