Do you want to reduce stress, tension and pain? Do you need to relieve headaches or anxiety? Do you long to balance your body and mind? Try massage or energy work.

Therapeutic massage types: Full Body Relaxation Massage,  
Individualized Massage, Chakra Balancing, Craniosacral or Shiatsu

New: Try Access Consciousness Bars, an energy work that releases blocks and feels blissful.
Price: $60 one hour, $75 one and a half hours, $90 for two hours

Education: Masters degree in Occupational Therapy,  Health Enrichment Center massage training in 1998, Advanced massage training, Shiatsu, CranioSacral and Manual Medicine.

Massage Testimonials

"Mary is a professional massage therapist who knows a wide range of techniques. She is a great listener and customizes each massage. I highly recommend her when you are seeking relief for sore muscles and/or for deep relaxation and wellness."
-Terrie DeBonis, Dreamer

"Mary Ledvina is a unique massage therapist. After sitting with you and evaluating what your body is feeling, she individualizes her massages to your needs. This way, no two massages are the same.
I love this about Mary as I believe that she has a warm spiritual gift, allowing her to tune in to your body, personally. Over the years,I have enjoyed many massages from Mary! 
Mary is the first massage therapist that when I asked for a deep muscle massage, I had to ask her to lighten up a little! 
She will give you exactly, the massage that you are looking for!" 
-Mary Reed, Electrolysist

"I have been getting massages form Mary for over 10 years. During this time I have experienced her peaceful loving nature.
She spends time at the beginning of her massage with gentle touch and light strokes that start the relaxation process.
Mary is strong so her pressure is good for targeting trigger points and releasing tense, tight muscles and also for relaxing strokes.
She know many different massage techniques; the normal face up or face down, side-lying to open up areas for deeper and more concentrated work, and joint and muscle stretching to name a few.
When she  has completed the massage, she finishes with soothing energywork
And ”connects” the parts of the body with long sweeping strokes which gives you a sense of wholeness and wellbeing.
I always look forward to a massage from Mary."
–Judy Mckay, Retired School Teacher

Mary's Contact Information:

(734) 646-9161