Welcome to The Maryland Redemption Website!

With the new set this year coming out at Nationals 2011, this season's meta has completely changed. Nothing is the normal. Waiting to see how the new sets affect the game of Redemption will be seen in the recent future. Amazing decks have already aspired from the darkness of the unknown like Judges/Angels, and even defensively like Canaanites. Who knows? Maybe an old school Genesis/Egyptians will be made powerful by the duel colored cards now like Seven Years of Famine and Seven Years of Plenty. With this season just under way, what would the meta for this state of Maryland be? Only time will tell.

Yet another successful tournament held by Shawn Capron Saturday November 19th. Results will be posted in "Important Information". This tournament was in support for a great cause. It was "Redemption for Micah". Donations were taken and around $100 was collected for this great cause. For more information about "Redemption for Micah", check out the "Important Information" on the left.

Also, one of Maryland's adopted players, Marti Wormuth, residing in PA, will be hosting a tournament in December. More information will be posted at a later date.