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4 - LARC-VEC Form 605

LARC-VEC Form 605 is found at the bottom of this page.  This form can be computer generated for you at most MMARC VE exam sessions.  View the form here to see what information the VE team must collect from you.  Click on the form name to view it or on the down arrow on the lower right side of this page to download the form.

We will computer-generate LARC-VEC Form 605 for you at most MMARC exam sessions even if you bring a filled out one with you.  In the unlikely event that the form can not be printed at the exam session we will have blank forms for you to fill out.  If you choose to fill out the form ahead of time, fill out Section 1 only and bring it to your exam session.  It must be in ink or printed with a computer and every character clearly legible.  Block printing is preferred if handwritten.
  1. Fill out name and address.  Telephone number is optional, but can be helpful if you need to be reached after the exam session for any reason.  Name and address changes require proof, see footnote 1 here.
  2. Station Call Sign: Your call sign, if you currently have an Amateur Radio License.
  3. Social Security Number or FRN: If you have an FRN you must use it.  If you do not have an FRN you must provide your SSN.  If you are planning to take your amateur radio license exam for Technician Class and do not have an FRN you will either be assisted in obtaining one at your exam session or be assigned an FRN along with your call sign if you pass your exam.
  4. Email address is optional.  If you provide it you will be emailed your call sign or an indication your upgrade has been processed, as applicable.  Additionally, if you initial in the margin next to your email address your email address will be included when your exam results are uploaded to the FCC.  This will enable the FCC to email you notifications of new licenses, upgrades, or renewals.
  5. Type of Applicant: Select Individual.
  6. Select either examination for a new license grant or examination for upgrade of my license class as applicable.
  7. Select other check off boxes if they apply to you.
  8. Next to the box "Do you have another license application on file with the FCC which has not been acted upon?" is another box "Purpose Of Other Application".  This is where you should indicate any other amateur radio related actions you have pending.  Examples include vanity call sign applications and address changes.
  9. Have you ever been convicted of a felony in any state or federal court?  The FCC requires this question.  Click here, then scroll down to footnote 6 for more info.
  10. Sign and date the form.
  11. Do not write in Section 2.
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Aug 15, 2017, 8:59 AM