Preregistration Information Needed For LARC-VEC Form 605

You can expedite the registration process by emailing the information requested below to Mike at

Provide all items in either number 1 or 2:

1. Applicants who do not have call signs and plan to take their Technician exam:

a. Last name, with suffix such as Jr or Sr if used

b. First name

c. Middle Initial if used

d. Mailing address 2

e. Daytime telephone number 3

f. Fax number, optional 3

g. FCC Registration Number (FRN) 4

h. Email address 3

i. Do you have a transaction pending with the FCC?  If so, tell us what it is. 5
j. Have you ever been convicted of a felony in any state or federal court? 6
k. Are you going to apply for exam credit?  Acceptable proof of exam credit is explained here.

2. Applicants with call signs planning to take their General or Amateur Extra exam:

a. Call sign

b. Email address 3

c. Phone number 3

d. Are you requesting a name or address change from what is in the FCC ULS database? 1 & 2

e. Do you have a transaction pending with the FCC?  If so, tell us what it is. 5

f. Have you ever been convicted of a felony in any state or federal court? 6

g. Are you going to apply for exam credit?  Acceptable proof of exam credit is explained here.

.1 For name or address changes you must bring proof to the exam session. These are examples of name and address change proof:

Name change proof:

  • A document showing both your old and new name

  • A document showing your old name and a photo ID showing your new name

  • Marriage, divorce, and adoption certificates or decrees

  • Other documents may be acceptable, contact Mike at to verify

Address change proof:

  • Any document that indicates your new address such as a driver’s license or library card

  • Any document that indicates the applicant receives mail at the new address such as a tax bill, electric bill, or water bill

2 Mailing address must be a US address the US Post Office can deliver to.  PO boxes may be used.

3 Phone numbers and email addresses are optional.  They will be used by the VE Team if we have questions for you and to send you your results from the FCC.  We will forward your phone number and email address to the FCC if you request it.  The local VE Team deletes personal information we possess after your exam results are processed by the FCC and it is no longer needed.

4 It is highly recommended that you obtain your FRN before the exam session. Bring a printout of it to the session or be able to display it on a smartphone or other device.  An FRN can be obtained here until March 1 2019. Beginning March 1 2019 FRNs must be obtained on the new CORES web site. The VE Team can not obtain an FRN for you. If you need help, the VE Team may be able to assist you in obtaining one at your exam session if you have access to your email.

Beginning March 1, 2019, the new CORES system that is used to obtain and manage FRN data must be used. The old and new systems are both in operation for now. The new system has an extra layer of security that requires the user to have an email address to create an account, and to access that email address to verify identity, when applying for a new FRN. We will only be able to assist you in obtaining an FRN at an exam session beginning March 1 2019 if you are able to access your email. We usually have a computer available that can be used to access CORES and your email. But, you have to know how to access your email from someone else's computer, or you can use the email app on your smartphone.

Please do not send us your Social Security Number.

5 Some examples of pending transactions are new licenses, license upgrades, or vanity call sign requests that have not been processed yet.  Bring the latest, unexpired Certificate of Successful Completion of Examination (CSCE) to the exam session if you have one.

6 The FCC requires a yes or no response to the felony question when:

  1. Applying for a new license
  2. Modifying an existing license
  3. Making an amendment to an application
  4. Requesting a change of call sign

Answer "yes" to the felony question if any of the four items above apply, and any of the five items below apply to a felony in any state or federal court:

    1. Convicted
    2. Pardoned
    3. Had you record sealed
    4. Are under appeal
    5. Overturned
Otherwise, answer "no".

However, the felony question does not apply when only renewals and administrative updates are being done, such as name or address changes.  If this is the case, indicate "does not apply" in your preregistration information.

If you reply “yes” you will be able to take your exam(s), but you must provide an explanation to the FCC within 14 days of filing your application.  More information can be viewed or downloaded below. Use the down arrows to the right to download. The "Instructions For Filing A Felony Conviction Explanation" document will be given to you at the exam session if you answered "yes".

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