The MMARC club repeaters are on 146.805- and 449.125-.  Both have a tone of 107.2 and are located in Millersville.  The club's callsign is W3CU.  Autopatch is available to club members.

The 146.805 is the primary ARES-RACES repeater for Anne Arundel County.  Anne Arundel County ARES and RACES  Anne Arundel County SKYWARN

The 442.300+ 107.2 in Annapolis is jointly owned by the Anne Arundel Radio Club and Maryland Mobileers Amateur Radio Club.
  The callsign is KB3CMA.  This is a C4FM repeater that will repeat whichever mode, analog FM or C4FM, is sent to it.  Echolink is available.

Anne Arundel County ARES-RACES primary and backup repeater information