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Detox Protocol- Lyme & Mold
Severe Depression & Suicidal 
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LLMD Comments
June 2017

Suicidal ideation is considered a medical emergency and the person should be taken to a health professional for evaluation.  There are many symptoms, some are included below. 

Behavioral Symptoms:

·         Giving away prized possessions

·         Talking about death, dying

·         Using phrases such as “when I’m gone” or “I’m going to kill myself”

·         Getting affairs in order

·         Saying goodbye to loved ones

·         Obtaining items needed for suicide attempt

·         Decreased social contact

·         Increasing drug and alcohol usage

·         Withdrawing from once-pleasurable activities

·         Increased risky behaviors

Physical Symptoms:

·         Scars or injuries from past suicide attempts

·         Changes in eating or sleeping habits

·         Chronic and/or terminal illness

Cognitive Symptoms:

·         Preoccupation with death and dying

·         Belief that dying by suicide is the only way to end emotional pain

Psychosocial Symptoms:

·         Feeling helpless; trapped by emotional pain

·         Psychosis

·         Self-loathing

·         Hopelessness

·         Paranoia

·         Intense emotional pain

·         Feeing hopeless about a situation

·         Mood swings

·         Sudden changes in personality

·         Severe anxiety and agitation

Environmental factors such mold exposure can lead to pro-inflammatory conditions and cytokine storms causing the above symptoms. In addition, Jarisch- Herxheimer reactions may be a cause of some of the symptoms noted above.

In-office micronutrient intravenous therapy with Magnesium chloride, vitamin C, B-12, B complex without folate and glutathione may work acutely in the suicidal patient and help reduce their need of mental health services. Some may require 2 doses and a second office visit with IV in 2-3 days.  

Lyme patients are counseled that they could feel suicidal and if they did, they were to notify the office immediately to obtain an emergent office visit. The patient can be evaluated and offered a trial of intravenous micronutrient therapy and referral to a psychiatrist if symptoms did not improve. 

The expectation is with adequate micronutrient support, symptoms usually abate during the infusion.  

Pro-inflammatory symptoms can mimic mental illness symptoms along with irritability.  Comprehensive micronutrient therapy is typically not available in Emergency departments or from hospital pharmacies nor are these facilities trained in the use of micronutrient therapy.

Micronutrient intravenous therapy also may be used for mold pro-inflammatory symptoms too.

Below, the at home protocol is a theoretical replacement for the in-office micronutrient IV.  I have not had clinical experience with treating someone suicidal with it.  It only suggests some products that may help.  

The problem is people with severe mental symptoms are typically not functional and could not put together the ingredients and execute the process by themselves. Most people were driven to the office by someone, as if you are having suicidal tendencies you require one on one 24 hour surveillance. 

The mold patients additionally may require Kapp Arest to block the stimulated Kapp system and a binder for mold neurotoxins. Otherwise,  is same logic applied to Lyme inflammatory symptoms. 

People can have Lyme and mold symptoms together- both can have some neurotoxin effects on vision.  The visual contrast sensitivity eye test can nonspecifically diagnose neurotoxin effects on vision, but cannot not tell you if it is from a mold or Lyme or Babesia.

Mold causes a stimulation of the Kapp B system. The cytokine storm causes you to feel depressed and suicidal. The out of pocket cost for all the things below is likely less than the out of pocket cost of an IV. The cytokines have to be mopped up with the anti-oxidants.

1. Vitamin C- Get liposomal Vitamin C from Liv on and take 2 times a day. After a coffee enema add Sodium ascorbate 100 grams to 100 cc of warm water and retain it in an enema as long as possible.

Increase as tolerated. DO NOT USE ASCORBIC ACID- it will burn the rectal mucosa. This retention enema plus the liposomal vitamin C will boost the blood to what can be obtained IV. You can keep increasing the Liposomal Vitamin C until bowel tolerance is achieved. It causes you to have loose stools.

2. Magnesium needs to get past her blood brain barrier so use magnesium L-threonate from Life Extension Foundation-
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3. Glutathione is best boosted by a coffee enema- increased 700 times. Coffee Source-

Get a bucket (or 2) and use their organic coffee formulated to help cancer patients with elevated levels of palmitic oil.  This can be done daily until symptoms resolve. 

OR- try N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) in divided doses of 500-600 mg. as it is a precursor to glutathione.

4. Methyl M-12 sublingual drops- and Multi-thera vitamins without iron for B-complex without "folate".

5. Order Tumeric paste from Hawaii with Love.
Sita Devi (808) 339-8885
Take 1 teaspoon twice a day until better then decrease to 1/2 teaspoon twice a day.  This is very palatable. 

6. Amla (Indian gooseberry) from has the highest anti-oxidant score on the planet. I do think it tastes OK in a smoothie.  

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OR-  KAPPAREST - NF-kappaB Inflammatory Blocker - DC Nutrition

New research is showing that many disease conditions are associated with inappropriate activation of Nuclear Transcription factor kappaB (kappa-Beta).

8. Last thing is a BINDER- Bentonite clay, activated charcoal. Sita had activated charcoal but it was SALTY.  ZEOLITE.  Mold makes a neurotoxin that affects your ability to see at dawn and dusk.  

If you'd like, take the visual contrast test at The prescription used is cholesytramine and data is only for that. Theoretically the other binders should work. MUST TAKE AWAY FROM MEALS, MEDS AND SUPPLEMENTS. Make a daily schedule and follow it the best you can.

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