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Combo of Antibiotics- Effectiveness in Lab Tests

March 3, 2017
Activity of Sulfa Drugs and Their Combinations against Stationary Phase B. burgdorferi in vitro

Running title: Sulfa drugs and their combinations against B. burgdorferi persisters 

Jie Feng, Shuo ZHANG, Wanliang Shi, YING ZHANG

QUOTE-  "We found that sulfa drugs combined with other antibiotics were more active than their respective single drugs and that four-drug combinations were more active than three-drug combinations. Four drug combinations dapsone+minocycline+cefuroxime+azithromycin and dapsone+minocycline+cefuroxime+rifampin showed best activity against stationary phase B. burgdorferi in these sulfa drug combinations. 

However, these 4-sulfa drug containing combinations still had considerably less activity against B. burgdorferi stationary phase cells than the daptomycin+cefuroxime+doxycycline used as a positive control which completely eradicated B. burgdorferi stationary phase cells."

More information on pdf file located here.

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