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Fluorscent Lights- Eye/Brain

Do You Get Sick When Going In 
Stores, Malls, Schools Or Offices?

April 2018-  Some people have problems going to malls, schools, stores, offices, etc. and get very uncomfortable when they do. They can experience panic attacks, muscle weakness, heavy brain fog, clostraphobic tendencies, becoming jittery, sweaty, vertigo, blurry eyes, shortness of breath, mild to severe headaches, scrambled brain feelings, impending feelings of doom and some will have seizures.


Often these symptoms are triggered 

By the flickering of fluorescent lights.


The often unseen flickering light waves can disrupt the eye/brain connection without people knowing it, or realizing what is happening to them at the time.  It seems as if a higher than average number of chronic Lyme patients experience this problem- possibly due to a past or continuing infection in the brain and/or eyes?  (Potential theory, not fact.)

As a side note-  I recently had to replace a few light fixtures (regular bulbs to LED) and it seems since I have I get more uncomfortable when in a room when they are on.  It is hard to tell when you are sick most of the time if it is the sickness acting up or if it could be something else. 

I knew better than to use a fluorscent light or fluorscent bulbs, so I purposely chose to install LED lights thinking that would be fine.  BUT, the question has since come up, is an LED light actually a type of fluorescent light or not?  It is difficult to find much (in simple terms) on the topic, but the articles listed below may be of help.

Fluorescent Light Sensitivity: Causes, Symptoms & Solutions