Reported Cases of Lyme Disease 


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 2000 to 2015 Cases

Total Cases of Lyme Disease & Incidence Rates

1990 - 1999 Maryland- County by County 

2000 - 2014 Maryland- County by County 

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ALL States Stats

2016 Reported Cases


Reported Lyme Cases & Incident Rates 
2004 - 2014

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ALL States Stats
Reported Cases
1990 - 2014

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USA- Maps & Lists

Counties With Ticks & Reported Cases

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*The CDC states for every case of 
Lyme disease reported at least ten are missed.* 


*In 2009 the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene 

did NOT enter 5,722 reported cases in the state database.*

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Maryland DHMH

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Surveillance Definition 
Clinical Case of Lyme Disease

Maryland Lyme Disease Case Report Form States

Surveillance case definition: This surveillance case definition was developed for national reporting of Lyme disease; it is not intended to be used in clinical diagnosis. Source

The CDC States
Note: Surveillance case definitions establish uniform criteria for disease reporting and should not be used as the sole criteria for establishing clinical diagnoses, determining the standard of care necessary for a particular patient, setting guidelines for quality assurance, or providing standards for reimbursement.  Source

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2015 National Reported Cases

Top 10 States

Lyme Disease  (Total 38,069 in USA)

1.)  Pennsylvania  9,048

2.)  New Jersey 4,855

3.)  Mass  4,224

4.)  New York  3,376

5.)  Connecticut  2,541

6.)  Wisconsin  1,894

7.)  Minnesota  1,805

8.)  Maryland  1,728

9.)  Virginia  1,539

10.) Maine  1,201

2015 Total Cases 
Tick & Vector Borne Infections
Top Ten States

Q-Fever  (Total 156 in USA)

CA  39

TX  13

CO  8

AZ  7

PA  7

MO  7

WI  5

NE 5

SD  5

MT 5

Spotted Fever  (Total 4,198 in USA)

AK  889

TN  605

NC  459

MO  324

OK  307

VA  296

AL  288

KS  146

KT  134

GA  114

Tularemia (Total 314 in USA)

CO  52

KS  34

MO  29

NE  25

SD  25

AK  24

OK  23

WY  21

IL  10

NM  8

Powassan Virus- (Total in USA- 6)

MA  3
ME  1
WI  1
NJ  1

West Nile- neuroinvasive- (Total in USA- 720)

CA  585

TX  196

AZ  67

CO  57

IL  51

OK  49

MD  31

MS  25

NJ  23

NY City  30

Babesiosis  (Total in USA- 2,100)

NY Upstate  521

MA  443

CT  328

NJ  297

RI  190

NY City  71

WI  56

ME  55

NH  53

MN  45

Dengue Fever  (Total 929 in USA)  

HI  219

CA  138

FL  82

NY City  74

PR  58

NJ  57

TX  30

VA  24

WA  19

CO  13

Anaplasmosis  (Total 3,656 in USA)

MA  767

NY Upstate  727

MN  613

WI  546

ME 186

VT  139

NJ  125

RI  116

CT  120

NH  110

Ehrlichia chaffeenis  (Total in USA- 1,288)

MO  231

AK  192

NY Upstate  109

NC  74

VA  96

OK  62

NJ  61

TN  61

KY  53

KS  46

Ehrlicha  ewingii  (Total 14 in USA)

MO  7

KS  2

OK 1

AK  1

MS  1

NJ  1

NH  1

Hantavirus non- HPS-  (Total 3 in USA)

IL  1

WI  1

UT  1

Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS)-  (Total 21 in USA) 

CO  6

MT  4

CA  2

TX  2

WA  1

IN  1

ND  1

AZ  1

NM  1

UT  1

WY  1

Leptospirosis- spirochetal illness  (Total 40 in USA)

Puerto Rico  45

HI  22

Guam  11

NY City  5

FL  4

MD  3

IL  2  

IN  2

CA  1

RI  1

NOTES based on the 2015 National Reported Cases List 

Georgia, with only 8 cases of Lyme disease reported in 2015, and Colorado with only 3 cases reported in the last TEN years, are homes to the CDC (GA) and CDC Vector Borne Disease Division (CO).  

Inquiring minds want to know if ticks are as unhappy with the CDC as humans are?  

If so, perhaps we can establish a “Rent a CDC Employee Program” and have those employees take up residence in our States so the ticks feel compelled to move out?  If they agree, that will be the only way their convoluted out-dated prevention measures are going to be successful.

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Arkansas, Colorado, New Mexico and Oklahoma have zero reported cases of Lyme disease for 2015.

In Hawaii Lyme disease is not a reportable illness.

States with the lowest number of reported cases of Lyme disease in 2015.

Alaska 9

Idaho  9

Georgia  8

Utah  7

Nevada  7

Montana  5

South Dakota 5

Missouri 5

Mississippi  4

Louisiana  3

WY  1

Examples Of Reporting Problems In Several States

Florida Report- forget the mosquitoes and West Nile Virus- only 12 cases reported all year.  And Zika Virus is averaging only 90 locally acquired cases per year across the entire state.  But, there were 166 reported cases of Lyme disease in 2015.

Heading south for the winter?  You might want to stay in Georgia (rather than Florida) if you are concerned about Lyme disease.  (Just kidding.)  

For example, traveling south from the mid-Atlantic area you pass through the following states with the number of reported cases also listed.

Maryland-  1,728 cases
Virginia- 1,102 cases
North Carolina-  230 cases
South Carolina- 42 cases
Georgia-  8 cases
But, Florida reported 166 cases in 2015.  

We all know the IDSA/CDC* still insists there is no Lyme disease in the south, so how can that be? 

*Florida Lyme Disease-  Since Florida borders the great State of Georgia to its north, and they rarely have a reported case, and Florida is surrounded by water to the east, west and south, the ticks that gave Florida residents Lyme disease must have come over by boat from Cuba.  ??  

Texas Report-  Thanks to the Texas LDA’s hard work, and a generous donation of tiny instruction booklets, compliments of the IDSA/CDC, ticks in Texas are now able to read state border signs!  

Texas ticks have also been well trained by support group volunteers to stay within their own State so as not to infect unsuspecting residents of other states.  

I once overheard a Texas tick, who was leaving a Texas LDA educational forum, whispering over and over to himself, “what happens in Texas, stays in Texas”.  Congratulations to the Texas LDA for their fine work of keeping their ticks "in place"!  

Results from Texas...

Texas- 54 Reported Cases in 2015
Bordering TX to the west is New Mexico-  Zero cases
Bordering TX to the north is Oklahoma and Arkansas-  Both Had Zero Cases
Bordering TX to the east is Louisiana- Only 3 cases reported (these ticks may have slipped into Louisiana from Mississippi).

California Report-  We all know California is a bit strange, but we graciously allow them to hang out on our west coast just to be polite.  We've noticed they are really pushing their luck though and getting stranger by the day.  Everyone knows Lyme disease numbers are higher than the number of other vector borne diseases in all States across the country.  But, NOT in California!  

CA has over seven times more “other” vector borne disease reports than Lyme disease.  

765 cases of “other” vector borne diseases were reported in 2015.  CA Lyme disease- only 98 reported cases.  What's going on there?  CA ranking in USA is-  West Nile (1st), Q-fever (1st), Dengue (2nd), Hantavirus (3rd). 

Pennsylvania Report-  PA has almost double the number of reported Lyme cases as the second place state (NJ).  PA has NO cases of Babesiosis* though and few of the other tick borne diseases we know are out there.

* PA- Babesiosis is still not reportable.  

** 18 additional States are still not requiring the reporting of Babesiosis.

Additional Numbers & Facts

In 2014 a total of ONLY 1,373 cases of Lyme disease were reported by the 

Maryland Department of Health & Human Services to the CDC.

In 2009 the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene 

admitted they did not enter 5,722 reported cases in the state database.  

Had they done so the total number of cases would have been 7,188.

Maryland DHMH received additional State funds to count these cases. 

So why are the numbers still so low?


July 2016

From the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene...
"Each year from 2009 to 2012, a median 3598 (range 2462 to 5722) reports 
were not entered into the surveillance database and hence not investigated. 
These reports represent 43-55% of all reports received for the year."

* * *

Total Cases of Lyme Disease & Incidence Rates

1990 - 1999 Maryland- County by County 

2000 - 2014 Maryland- County by County 

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It should have been 329,000 cases of Lyme disease per year,
Not the 30,000 we've been reporting.

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Babesiosis vs. Malaria Cases?

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The Maryland DHMH states the time it takes to complete investigating a report 

For a single case of Lyme ranges from 0.5 - 52 hours.

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Letter To Directors of Health in Connecticut

Reporting "Arthritis in Lyme Children" 

Discovered in November 1975 

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Babesiosis- Reported Cases  

In 2012 Babesiosis was still not reportable in states below shaded in gray.

FIGURE 1. Number of reported cases of babesiosis, by county of residence† — 22 states,§ 2012

† N = 904; county of residence was unknown for 7 of the 911 patients. Cases are mapped to the patients’ county of residence, not necessarily the place where patients became infected.

§ For 2012, 14 of the 22 states that conducted surveillance for babesiosis reported at least 1 case: California, Connecticut, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin. Eight (8) states reported 0 cases: Alabama, Delaware, Michigan, North Dakota, Oregon, Tennessee, Washington, and Wyoming. In 2012, babesiosis was not a reportable disease in the gray states, and health departments in those states did not notify CDC of cases.  More information- click here.

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SPECIAL NOTE-  At the time this was written one out of every eleven dogs tested positive for Lyme disease in Maryland.  Click here for a current CPAC map of Lyme and tick borne diseases found in animals (listed by state and counties).  Additionally, one out of every forty-eight dogs tested positive for Ehrlichiosis, and one out of every eighty-five dogs tested positive for Anaplasmosis in Maryland.

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In 2009-  "seven (29%) LHDs (local health departments) lost LD surveillance staff in the past 2 years; one lost all staff and does not currently investigate LD."  

"In 2008, 16 (75%) LHDs investigated each LD report while 5 (21%) investigated only if sufficient laboratory evidence of infection." 

"By 2011, 10 (42%) LHDs investigate LD reports only if sufficient evidence." 

To review the source and for more information on the above DHMH quotes, click here.

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SPECIAL NOTE-  In 2008 the CDC surveillance criteria to determine if a case of Lyme disease (and other tick borne diseases) is reportable became more restrictive, giving the false impression there are now less cases of Lyme disease than in previous years.  Less reported cases equals less research funding and less educational efforts, but on the up side it requires less work for government agencies. 

2007 Maryland Total Reported Lyme Cases- 2,578 (and climbing since 1990)

In 2008 New Restrictive Reporting Criteria Was Established...  
2008 Maryland Lyme- Total cases- 2,220
2009 Maryland Lyme- Total Cases- 2,026
2010 Maryland Lyme- Total Cases- 1,617
2011 Maryland Lyme- Total Cases- 1,351
2012 Maryland Lyme- Total Cases- 1,113*

*The CDC recently announced studies once again indicated the reported cases have been 9-12 cases short for each one reported.  *
CORRECTED 2012 Maryland Total Lyme Cases- 11,130


Additional Information

See attached PDF charts and subpages below for more information.

Additional Documents

CSTE 1996 Update

Washington State DOH Definition & Procedures

Canada- Lyme Disease Cases Definition

Canada 2016 Definition

Canada- Update on Case Definition & Treatment 2016

QUOTE-  "An effective public health framework should consider both the evidence-based approaches to true Lyme disease, and develop a rational response to ‘chronic Lyme’ disease, a phenomenon that has attracted patient activism as well as supporting institutions parallel to the scientific and medical establishment. These support an alternative understanding of the disease, one that emphasizes unsupported diagnostic and treatment protocols and an invalid view of the infection process. This creates a real burden of suffering in people who believe themselves to be infected with a refractory Lyme infection, and seek out sometimes-dangerous treatment. Situations in which the patient’s felt needs are strongly at variance with the clinician’s informed opinion are rarely simple; here it is helpful to remember that though ‘chronic Lyme’ is an unproven illness, the symptoms that trigger the diagnosis are frequently real and need empathetic care."

Florida DOH Reporting Form

Maine’s Definition Info

EPA Report

Reported Cases in New Hampshire

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