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When Lawmakers Must Break Laws To Get Treatment For Chronic Lyme

Why Are Lawmakers Breaking The Law 
To Get Treatment For Chronic Lyme Disease?

August 2017- Patients around the world are denied treatment for chronic Lyme disease, a condition the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and its partners, the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA), insist does not exist, even with a plethora of unbiased, published science from many reputable sources and millions of patients proving it does.  

In place of adequate antibiotic treatment that can be safely overseen by a licensed doctor, with appropriate testing to monitor the treatment as needed, patients have been forced to look elsewhere for help.  Growing sicker every day they must desperately search to find something, anything, that can make them feel better and stop the destructive progression of the disease. 

Patients only other choice, which is totally unacceptable on any planet, is to remain untreated, become worse, suffer with an increasing number of uncontrolled symptoms and die an early, often painful death from a life threatening infection we know how to treat and have the means to do so.

But, what if you, as a chronic Lyme disease patient, have some power and influence?  Would treatment come more quickly for you, or more easily?  Obviously not.

Case in point- Senator Chris Harris (TX) had some power, along with a severe case of chronic Lyme disease.  He tried using his influence to help himself and other Lyme patients years after he was diagnosed in the 1990's. 

QUOTE- "State Sen. Chris Harris blames Lyme disease, left undiagnosed for 2½ years in the mid-1990s, for a heart attack and bone damage that left him with two titanium shoulders and a severely broken foot put back together with steel plates and screws.  “It rotted out my bones,” Harris said of the tick-borne bacterial disease."  Two Lyme Bills Target Gap In Treatment In Texas

In order to receive treatment, Senator Chris Harris states...

QUOTE-  (May 2011)  "Sen. Harris says he was severely affected by the disease, but “got a lucky break.” His doctor, constrained by a disciplinary board that limited antibiotic use for tick-borne illness to 1 month or less, arranged for 17 physicians to take turns writing prescriptions for Sen. Harris’s treatment."  Source

Time to use his power to try to make changes...

QUOTE (May 2011)- "Texas State Senator Chris Harris, who says Lyme disease "rotted out his bones" and gave him a heart attack, is carrying bills to increase Lyme education for the state's doctors and offer protection to physicians who treat Lyme."

QUOTE- "That bill, opposed by the medical establishment, was dead on arrival. But a compromise recently reached with the Texas Medical Association has revived the bill, which along with an identical measure by Rep. Todd Hunter, R-Corpus Christi, received back-to-back committee hearings Tuesday and Wednesday."  Source

QUOTE- "A bill calling for official recognition of two types of treatment for Lyme and other tick-borne diseases, sponsored by Texas State Senator Chris Harris R-Arlington)* – a chronic Lyme survivor – was passed by both houses of the Texas legislature on May 26 and sent to the governor."

Then, in 2015...

QUOTE- "He says Harris was not feeling well, was admitted to Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital on Dec. 14 [2015] and was being treated for an infection."

QUOTE- "Mr. Harris had had health issues on and off for a long time and that he was hospitalized Monday night “and couldn’t recover.”

QUOTE- "Cook said Monday that Harris previously had heart and lung problems. He says Harris was not feeling well, was admitted to Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital on Dec. 14 and was being treated for an infection. Cook says the cause of death was congestive heart failure."

Those responsible for these and other tragedies are the CDC and IDSA.

Someone has to stop them, stop the madness!  

LB- August 2017

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