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Dr. Horowitz New Book 2/14/17

February 5, 2017-  I received this information below from a volunteer patient advocate in NY (with slight editing by me) and was asked to share it. Please feel free to share the information with others.

Dr. Horowitz's new book, "How Can I Get Better?" is soon to be released from St. Martin's press (2/14/17).

It is hugely discounted right now on Amazon ($11.50)  You can pre-order your book from Amazon-  

Or Barnes & Noble- 

See this video about Dr. Horowitz & the book. 

It is the book patients have asked him to write.  It contains brand new research on Lyme diagnostics and treatment, emerging borrelia species and co-infections, exciting data on pulsing and persister protocols (which is working in many patients who have failed other regimens) ...

And new information on Alzheimers, Autism and Lyme with important scientific updates in the 16 point MSIDS map that impact your health. 

Details of new protocols are provided so that "How Can I Get Better?" can be used as a practical manual for you and your health care provider to help you get better.

The previous book made the New York Times Science Best Seller list. Let’s get the #1 spot this time.  

Here is a post about the new book.

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