If you have a Lyme-related story or letter to the editor that has been published in a Maryland newspaper, please feel free to submit it for review for this section.  To read Lyme-related news stories and letters click on the individual articles name below.

‪Agony Had A Name‪‬

‪Antibiotics Ease 'Lyme-Arthritis'‪‬

‪AT Hiker‪‬

Avoiding Ticks- Key to Preventing Lyme Disease

‪Baltimore Sun 2oo6 Letter to Editor‪‬

‪Boston Globe Fuels War‪‬

‪Brighter Christmas Fund‪‬

‪Brookeville Woman Starts Support Group‪‬

‪Colorado Independent‪‬

‪Connecticut Bill Support‪‬

‪Contest Winner‪‬

‪Critical Appraisal Protested‪‬

‪Don't Try to Convince‪‬

‪Dr. Jones- Lyme Disease Mommy‪‬

‪Dr. Nasr in Calvert County LLMD Passed Away‪‬

‪Eye Beneficial Study‪‬

Forschners- Conflict Shadows Couple's Lyme Disease Crusade

‪Gazette- LTE‪‬

‪Harford County Promotes Awareness‪‬

‪Hope For Lyme Sufferers‪‬

‪Hopkins Sued‪‬

‪Howard Senior Graduates‪‬

‪It's Lyme Season [Editorial]‪‬

‪Letter Del-Mar-Va Now‪‬

‪Letter NH Editor‪‬

‪Letters Editor Response‪‬

‪Letters to Editor‪‬

‪Letter to IOM‪‬

‪Local Lyme Group Supports House Bill‪‬

‪Looks Like Lyme- NOT‪‬

Lyme Disease in Florida- A Year Round Threat

‪Lyme Expert Leads Speakers Bureau‪‬

‪Lyme Expert Program- Denton‪‬

‪Lyme Groups Upset‪‬

‪Lyme Treatment Method Updated‪‬

‪Lyme Treatment Updated‪‬

‪Maryland Underreporting Lyme Disease‪‬

‪MWC- Maryland Under Reporting‪‬

‪New Haven Advocate‪‬

‪NEWS- Hot off the Press‪‬

‪New Website‪‬

‪One Small But Mighty Enemy‪‬

‪Overlooked Infections‪‬

‪Philadelphia, PA LTE‪‬

‪President Bush‪‬

‪Rallies Around CT Doctor‪‬

‪Robin Wolfenden High Rate Ticks‪‬

‪Seafood- Radiation or Toxins?‪‬

‪Sexual Transmission‪‬

‪Society Review Guidelines‪‬

‪Star Democrat Articles- List Part 1‪‬

‪Star Democrat Articles- List Part 2‪‬

‪Stevia - Dreams Can Come True- 2016‪‬

‪Take a Tick to Lunch‪‬

‪Testing Not Way to Go‪‬

‪Tests Unreliable‪‬

‪Tick Related Illness‪‬

‪Ticks Find A Home‪‬

‪Tiny Ticks Huge Troubles‪‬

‪Traditional Treatment‪‬

‪Treatment Method Updated‪‬

‪Under Reporting Lyme Disease‪‬

‪Uptick in Lyme‪‬

‪Victims Show Support‪‬

‪What You Need to Know‪‬

‪Yankee Magazine‪‬

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