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Miguel Angel Julio Perez-lizano

In Memory of
Miguel Angel Julio Perez-lizano

Miguel and Bruno- 2015
Battle Ground, WA

In Memory of Miguel Angel Julio Perez-lizano
12/29/40- 10/20/17

With deep sadness we report that Miguel died peacefully in his son's arms on October 20, 2017.

His funeral will be held in San Francisco on Friday, November 3, 2017 at 9:15 at St. Vincent De Paul Catholic church, 2320 Green St.

Halstedngray is handling the funeral arrangements and an online obituary is being set up by relatives so that people can make comments.

Jeanne (wife) and Miguel Luis Jr. (Miki's son) have placed online Miguel's Obituary where you can comment and send condolences to the family at:


Miguel, a friend of mine and many others in and outside the Lyme Community, was an active volunteer patient advocate for more than 2 decades.  His work was extremely valuable and he shared it freely with all for the betterment of the public.

He helped us to move forward and at the same time protected all of us.  He was a good-hearted man who was able, with his dedication and persistence, to open doors that would otherwise still be closed.  

Along with his family he stood strong, believing what is right is right and what is wrong is shameful.  For their crimes against many, he was involved with helping to take on giants in the insurance industry and medical groups, most notably Kaiser Permanente.

QUOTE- "We try to provide to the public information that will alert them as to what to watch out for in this new type of Discount Department Store Medical Care.

Whenever possible, we advocate for the patient.  Whenever possible we also assist the Kaiser victim in receiving decent medical care outside of Kaiser and assist them  in obtaining legal assistance."

One of his many projects was assisting with the collection of documents and the website he shared with us after his personal tragic involvement with Kaiser.  Miguel's father, Adam Wesley Arnold, passed away under Kaiser's care, or better stated- lack of appropriate care.

QUOTE- "HMO's and Kaiser in particular are not in business to help the patient with anything that is long term, potentially life threatening or just plain complicated." 

We've often referred to Miguel's important contributions simply as "The Kaiser Papers", which is located here.

On a personal note, Miguel loved his family and his prize bulls.  He was highly supportive of Dr. Charles R. Jones and the children in his care.  To better understand the passion behind Miguel's work please watch the touching video on the Kaiser Papers website located here.

Thank you Miguel for all you did for all of us.  You will be sorely missed, but you will not be forgotten.

Lucy Barnes


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