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Mid-Shore Lyme Disease Association, Inc.

Mid-Shore Lyme Disease Association, Inc.
Easton, Maryland

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Monday, May 2, 2016 

St. Mark’s United Methodist Church 

Hayward Avenue in Easton, MD  

6:00 PM 

Room Number 155


We will be showing a DVD presentation given by Dr. Richard Horowitz.  Dr Horowitz discusses not only Lyme disease but many co-conditions which accompany Lyme disease.  His lecture, entitled "It’s So Much More Than Lyme Disease", was presented at the Westin Hotel in San Diego, California, to a live audience. 

Dr Horowitz has treated more than 12,000 chronic Lyme patients in the last 20 years at his integrative medical clinic in Hyde Park, New York. He is responsible for coining the term MCIDS, or Multiple Chronic Infectious Disease Syndrome, to describe Chronic Lyme disease because of all the different factors that can be involved. 


Learn from Dr. Horowitz how the combination of Lyme, co-infections, biotoxins, food allergies and other conditions can make it harder for you to get well – and what you can do about it.

Upcoming Meetings and Events

Our meetings are held in Fellowship Hall at 6 PM on the first Monday of the month from March thru October. Fellowship Hall is located on the Hayward Street side of the church.  Hayward Street faces the left hand side of the YMCA.  Fellowship Hall is the first room to your right after you enter the church.  St. Mark’s United Methodist Church is located on 100 Peachblossom Road, Easton, MD.  

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2016- St. Mark’s United Methodist Church in Easton is generously allowing MSLDA to use St. Mark’s for our meetings again this year.  Meetings will continue to be held in room 155 (first meeting room on the left) unless changes need to be made.  Please contact for more information.

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2016 Dates for Meetings

Monday, March 7th

  Monday, April 4th

  Monday, May 2nd

  Monday, June 6th

  Monday, July 4th

  Monday, August 1st

  Monday, September 5th  (Labor Day)

  Monday, October 3rd 


DIRECTIONS for Meeting Room on Hayward Avenue Side of 

St. Mark's Church


Rt. 50 West Bound – Before you get to Easton, take the Easton Parkway Rt. 322.  Easton Parkway will exit from the left lane.  Go .01 mile to traffic light and cross Rt. 50 east bound.  Stay straight for 1.5 miles and you will come to a traffic light, turn right on Rt. 33, (Peachblossom Road) and go .02 miles, turn right on Hayward Ave.  You will see St. Mark’s United Methodist Church on your left.  You can park along Hayward Ave. or in the church parking lot. The entrance door faces the YMCA.  


Rt. 50 East Bound – Easton - Turn right on Rt. 50 onto Idlewild Ave.  Wishing Well Liquors will be on the corner.  Go .05 miles to the first traffic light and stay straight.  Go .02 to the next light which will be a 5 way intersection.  Go straight at the intersection for .02 miles and turn left on Hayward Ave.  You will see St. Mark’s United Methodist Church on your left when you reach Hayward Ave. You can park along the street in front of the church or in the church parking lot.  The entrance door faces the YMCA.  



The Mid-Shore Lyme Disease Association will continue to mail (USPS) literature to anyone who is interested in learning more about tick borne diseases.  To receive literature or to be added to our email list, please contact Linda at

Eastern Shore Resident Attends 

New York Protest of IDSA Guidelines 

For more information, please email us at

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