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Harford County Lyme Disease Support Group, Inc.

Harford County 
Lyme Disease Support Group, Inc.

Harford County Proclamation
Lyme Disease Awareness Month
Jean F. Galbreath, President (center) & 
Betty Fuller, Treasurer (left) 

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Programs & Activities 

April- October 2017

Fall 2017

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Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger


Mrs. Jean F. Galbreath 

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Senator Chris Van Hollen


Mrs. Jean F. Galbreath

For Her Dedication To Educating 

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Maryland General Assembly- 2017

Awards Mrs. Jean F. Galbreath An

Official Citation For

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Special Salute Honoring
Mrs. Jean F. Galbreath

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Warmest Thanks To 

Mrs. Jean Galbreath, President  

For Volunteering To Sponsor 
The Website Dedicated To Helping 
Our Precious Children & Their Parents

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Congressional Commendation!

Senator Barbara Mikulski 


Mrs. Jean F. Galbreath, President

Harford County Lyme Disease Support Group, Inc. 

Dr. Joseph Burrascano & 
Mrs. Jean F. Galbreath 

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Mrs. Jean F. Galbreath, President

Harford County Lyme Disease Support Group, Inc.

Awarded The Lyme Disease Association's 

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Educating & Supporting
Our Children in Rural 
Harford County

The Harford County Lyme Disease Support Group, Inc. is one of the longest running volunteer Lyme disease support groups in the country.  Educating the public and health care professionals originally began in 1990, and the group was officially incorporated in January 1997.  

HCLDSG President, Mrs. Jean Galbreath, held regular monthly meetings and provided educational material for a variety of groups and events over the many years, while providing patients much needed individual assistance on a daily basis.  

Twenty-seven years later Mrs. Galbreath continues with her efforts to educate the public about Lyme and tick borne diseases.  She and some of her group members also actively contribute to the ongoing efforts of many state and national Lyme-related group projects.  

The Harford County Lyme Disease Support Group, Inc is an all volunteer 501(c)3 registered non-profit. Educational outreach programs and special events are scheduled throughout the year.  

If you have questions or would like information on Lyme and tick borne diseases, please contact our volunteer email correspondent Lucy Barnes at  

Mrs. Jean F. Galbreath, President
Harford County Lyme Disease Support Group, Inc. 
PO Box 13
Street, Maryland 21154 

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Harford County Lyme Disease Support Group, Inc.

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