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After The Bite

After The Bite

In the early 1980's, a Maryland mother set out to educate the public and health care professionals about a newly emerging infectious disease when her child became ill after being bitten by ticks.  She spent years educating legislators, the public, government officials and health care professionals.  She approached anyone who would listen and even those who wouldn't.  

Her tireless efforts led to the establishment of "May Is Lyme Disease Awareness Month", which is now observed both nationally and internationally.  She was also responsible for the first official Proclamation declaring May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month (Maryland- Governor William Donald Schaefer).    

Her original volunteer efforts continue today.  In her memory After The Bite was established in 1985 and the first Lyme Disease Support Group Meeting in the USA came to be.  

Since that time I have continued to educate and assist patients, health care professionals and other support group leaders and continue to do so today.  

Thank you mom!  You saved my life!

Lucy Barnes, Director
Lyme Disease Education and Support Groups of Maryland

2017 Volunteer Activities Report- Click Here

Additional Volunteer Activity Reports- Click Here

Past Educational Efforts & Support- Click Here

Websites Built and Maintained By After The Bite- Click Here

Presented Programs For Public, Health Care Professionals- Total- 480

Organized, Founded and Led LD Educational Support Groups- Total- 4

Support Groups (Nationwide)- Assisted With Organization, Research, Providing Materials, Writing Media Announcements- Total- 33  

Legal Cases- Initiated and/or Assisted With Research, Documentation, Support, Media Notices, etc.- Total- 25    

Conferences Attended (LDA & ILADS, etc.)- Total- 28

Conferences- Assisted Before, During & After- Total- 30 

Protests, Rallies Organized and/or Attended- Total- 31

Doctors Medical Board Hearings- Researched, Planned Rallies, Attended In Person- Total- 12

Legislative Bills In Various States & Federal Legislation- Researched, Worked With State Officials, Contacts Directly With Legislators, Letter Writing Campaigns, Submitted Written Testimony, Assisted Support Groups, Media Contacts, Advised Patients & Group Leaders-  56

Lucy Barnes
Selected Articles, Letters & Publications

1st Lyme related article published in the USA from a chronically ill Lyme patient and Lyme treating doctors perspective (NOT by IDSA/CDC or their supporters). It was painstakingly researched in the library- involving many trips- and written on a typewriter before the patient had a computer).  It took months to research and compose.  The article was also based on personal experiences and from helping others.  

It was published by the Record Observer in Centreville, MD in 1998, and then by some of its 'sister papers' on the eastern shore of Maryland.

IDSA Guidelines Challenge Part II- ACA

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