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Employment Discrimination- Lyme

Employment Discrimination 
As Related To Lyme Disease

Legal Case- Employment Discrimination Lyme

Lyme Disease Is A Disability Entitled To Protection In The Workplace- article describing above case
In Cook v. Gregory Press, Inc., the disease required treatment as well as medical testing that caused severe headaches, both of which affected the employee’s ability to work.  The employee requested time off from work, but was not provided sufficient time to recover so that he could properly resume his work duties.  He was required to return to work prematurely, which resulted in a failure in his work performance.  He was then fired.

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Job Related Accommodations For Individuals With Lyme

Legal Case- Lyme Employment Discrimination Case- Approved To Move Forward
A utility company employee who was terminated a day after she took intermittent leave available to her under the Family and Medical Leave Act, following a diagnosis of Lyme disease, could proceed to trial.

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