Bullying Borrelia

WHO could possibly think chronic Lyme disease doesn't exist?  

Paul Auwaerter, Clinical Director at the Infectious Disease Division at Johns Hopkins, that's who.   

And He Knows Better...

For example- Auwaerter, spokesperson for the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA), co-authored the Hopkins study in 2005 proving conclusively that Lyme tests miss 75% of the people who are infected.  

He was then involved with the development of the highly contested 2006 IDSA Lyme Disease Guidelines that recommends relying on these same faulty tests before a case of Lyme can be confirmed and treatment for sick patients is provided.  Huh?

He knows the tests are inaccurate and still promotes them?  How WRONG can he be?

Not only is Auwaerter a staunch believer that there is no such thing as chronic Lyme diseaseeven referring to it as "Post Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome" in an attempt to make the word CHRONIC disappear, he and a handful of supporters of this unproven bizarre notion continue to publicly and privately attack and belittle Lyme patients who are still ill after Auwaerter's recommended treatment protocols fail to cure them.  

He and his "buds" continue to brutally attack Lyme treating doctors and volunteer educators for questioning his claims or suggesting there may be such a thing as chronic Lyme disease.

It's like he has tossed us all in a huge septic tank and each time we try to surface his big foot is there stomping on our heads to try to knock us down again, and again, and again.  

Auwaerter feels those who believe chronic Lyme disease exists should be labeled Anti-Science, yet it seems more like he is simply Anti-Question when it comes to anyone inquiring about the topic. 

In this day and age you would THINK Auwaerter could find something better to do than waste time and money rehashing and republishing his old disproven theories in a new format for anyone who might still be listening.  Or lining up old/new studies as IDSA resources for the upcoming IDSA Lyme guidelines that he is co-authoring with his old buddies who haven't yet abandoned him yet, and a few new recruits (aka suckers).

But no, Auwaerter is still devoted to trying to make himself appear "right" when it comes to anything related to Lyme disease and tries to make everyone else appear wrong even after all these years and all the science that proves he is way off base.  (Over 700 peer-reviewed studies on persistent Lyme disease alone are located HERE.) 

Truth is, Paul, there aren't many out there who believe you anymore, especially those who have chronic Lyme disease and those who are genuinely helping them recover, so you might want to just give it up.  And you might consider that your role as a doctor shouldn't include attacking patients who suffer.  It's NOT in that oath you took and shouldn't be looked upon as a "fringe benefit" for anyone in the medical profession. 

So please just leave the millions of Lyme patients and the doctors who care for them alone and find something else to do in your spare time.  Billions of people world wide would be much better off if you did!

UPDATE- May 2105-  On a rare occasion he claims (falsely) he wants to help us, but Auwaerter continues to be involved in preparing legal cases against our Lyme treating doctors, even when none of the patients have complained of problems or were harmed in any way, and in fact most if not all got better with additional treatment. 

It seems Auwaerter only wants it to be his way or the highway- and to heck with the patients he took an oath to serve.  Is it jealousy that drives him?  Or is it money (patents, grants, vaccines, clinical trials, etc) pushing him to do this?  Or putting the insurance industry and drug companies he favors so highly above those he has sworn to protect?  (They seem to be the main benefactors of his work.)  Or is it just plain old ego and arrogance (what many believe) that drives him to continue to try to punish those who are suffering?  

If Auwaerter's ``evidence-based medicine`` means using the same failed tests and continuing to create inaccurate research studies that lead to the development of more restrictive treatment protocols and ineffective or dangerous vaccines- we don`t want it!  

If it means millions of innocent people will still be waiting and suffering until Auwaerter produces a statement admitting he was wrong and patients DO require additional treatment for active and very destructive infectious diseases- Paul, we don`t want to wait another year much less ANOTHER 30 YEARS!  

We already know the answers!  

Chronic Lyme does exist and those who are being treated properly are improving.  

And PLEASE stop with the scare tactics and threats that additional treatment for an infection that hasn't cleared or been cured is dangerous.  Chronic Lyme disease is dangerous!  It sickens, disables and kills growing numbers of people each year.  

And believe it or not, Paul, all treatment has some potential side effects.  Life has potential side effects.  Breathing has potential side effects.  

It has been shown what Lyme patients actually prefer when given the choice of having a life-long highly devastating chronic disease that costs a fortune just to live miserably with it, or a possible belly ache for a short time while treating if probiotics are not recommended, is the treatment.  We'd prefer the belly ache and will risk it to see an improvement in our lives.  And it should be OUR choice to make, not yours.  

Just as cancer patients risk side effects taking their potential life-saving medications and anyone taking an over-the-counter aspirin takes a risk of experiencing side effects, we are big boys and girls and can make our own decisions about our health care.  

This should be OUR choice to make with OUR doctors.  This is America.  In case you've forgotten, it is not a dictatorship where you can elect yourself in charge of everyone's personal health decisions and lives, yet you seem to believe it actually is something you should do.

Readers must ask themselves-  if Paul does not want to treat Lyme patients when they are sick why doesn't he just walk away from it all?  

Maybe Auwaerter could try curing the common cold- which infectious disease doctors are still failing to do.  Or maybe he could just retire on the fortune he's already made off the backs of sick patients.  

Shoo, shoo!  Paul Auwaerter, shoo! Get out of here!  If you can`t do the job successfully just get out of the way so the growing number of competent doctors can help the growing number of Lyme patients in need.

UPDATE September 2014-  Patients, with positive lab tests in hand continue running from Auwaerter when they are told their tick borne disease test results are false positives and they are STILL denied treatment for life-threatening infectious diseases.  

Patients are also being told they can't possibly have multiple coinfections.  Geeze!  Come on Paul, get with the program!  We are quite sure Johns Hopkins doesn't want to be involved in any more law suits after innocent patients become permanently damaged and disabled from chronic Lyme disease, especially when it is our children who are most at risk.
Paul's latest set of complaints, which appears to be mixed with a bushel full of lip-biting anxiety, anger, jealousy and rage against those who are suffering, and those who help the sick recover, and those who volunteer to help patients and prevent others from getting ill from tick bites, is as follows....

Logo of tacca
Trans Am Clin Climatol Assoc. 2012; 123: 79–90.
PMCID: PMC3540629
Bullying Borrelia: When the Culture of Science is Under Attack
Paul G. Auwaerter, MD (by invitation) and Michael T. Melia, MD
Correspondence and reprint requests: Paul G. Auwaerter, MD, Division of Infectious Diseases, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, 1830 East Monument Street, #449, Baltimore, Maryland 21287, Phone: 410-583-2652, Fax: 410-502-7029, Email: pauwaert@jhmi.edu

Although Lyme disease responds to short courses of antibiotics, tick-borne Borrelia burgdorferi has been 
advanced by some as a frequent explanation for medically unexplained symptoms such as continual fatigue, musculoskeletal pains, and subjective neurocognitive dysfunction. Often called “chronic Lyme disease” 
by adherents of this philosophy, it is loosely defined, and practitioners liberally prescribe nostrums, 
including prolonged antimicrobial therapies, in a belief that this eradicates suspected infection.

Perhaps due to the lack of supportive data, proponents of this theory have developed their own meetings, 
literature, activist groups, and substantial internet activities to advance their views. Forces motivating 
this movement are explored, as are tactics used to advance non-scientific ideas that have included 
legal action and garnering legislative endorsement.

While neither logical nor evidence-based, “chronic Lyme disease” harnesses corrosive energies that 
taint modern medicine and society. 

Read the rest of IDSA`s Paul Auwaerter`s Article Here.  

Afterward you can thank Johns Hopkins for allowing him to remain there and for this nightmare to continue.

BUT WAIT! There is more!  Paul Just Won`t Quit!

Antiscience and ethical concerns associated with advocacy of Lyme disease

Scientific evidence and best patient care practices should guide the ethics of Lyme disease activism

Point: antibiotic therapy is not the answer for patients with persisting symptoms attributable to lyme disease

Unorthodox Alternative Therapies Marketed to Treat Lyme Disease

A systematic review of Borrelia burgdorferi morphologic variants does not support a role in chronic Lyme disease

A critical appraisal of "chronic Lyme disease"

The clinical assessment, treatment, and prevention of lyme disease, human granulocytic anaplasmosis, and babesiosis: clinical practice guidelines by the Infectious Diseases Society of America

Lyme disease treatment sparks controversy

Experts Spar Over Treatment For Chronic Lyme Disease

Dispute Spreads On How To Treat Lyme Disease

UPDATE 2017- Auwaerter's buddies recently published this article (using your tax-payer dollars) in order to continue their ranting and raving against Lyme disease patients.  In this garbage publication they have also attacked labs designing better Lyme tests, doctors who are successfully treating Lyme patients, volunteer patient advocates, non-profit Lyme organizations and even politicians for their role in helping Lyme patients. 

Our response to their continuing attacks is located here. 

Auwaerter's Broken Record Heard Round the World...

Auwaerter- ``The current IDSA guidelines provide the best scientific, evidence-based medical practices for the treatment of Lyme disease including early and late forms.``

Auwaerter- ``The current IDSA guidelines provide the best scientific, evidence-based medical practices for the treatment of Lyme disease including early and late forms.``

Auwaerter- ``The current IDSA guidelines provide the best scientific, evidence-based medical practices for the treatment of Lyme disease including early and late forms.``

Auwaerter- ``The current IDSA guidelines provide the best scientific, evidence-based medical practices for the treatment of Lyme disease including early and late forms.``


The opinions above are those of Lucy Barnes, Volunteer Patient Educator and Advocate

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