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Discrediting Anyone and Everyone

IDSA guideline authors and friends have an annoying habit of taking research of others and publicly discrediting it- claiming contamination in the lab, numbers too low or too high, etc. THEY want to be the boss- the King's of their castles- and can't do it with their own flawed science, so they crack the whips at others work.   

They've even been so bold as to "undiagnose" the cause of death listed for 100 people who died from Lyme disease.  Their opinions in that junk science report were based simply on their review of death certificates (no medical records, exams, autopsy reports, etc.), but it was still published.  

Now we have two authors from NY Medical College- Gary Wormser and a new addition, Vanessa Wormser, publicly discrediting the work of the two authors (deceased) credited with describing the first case of neurologic Lyme in 1922. 

They claim in part, from their ivory towers... "The paper may not deserve the historic recognition that it has received."  

Maybe they are picking on authors who can't defend themselves because living authors are responding, kicking their royal butts, and proving them wrong?

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Open Forum Infect Dis. 2016 Apr 26;3(2):ofw085. doi: 10.1093/ofid/ofw085. eCollection 2016.

Did Garin and Bujadoux Actually Report a Case of Lyme Radiculoneuritis?

Author information

  • 1Division of Infectious Diseases , New York Medical College , Valhalla.


A 1922 report by Garin and Bujadoux is widely regarded as describing the first case of neurologic Lyme borreliosis. 

Although the patient reported had a tick bite followed by the development of a rash and radiculoneuritis, there were a number of highly atypical features, raising the question of whether the patient, in fact, had neurologic Lyme borreliosis. 

The paper may not deserve the historic recognition that it has received. 


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