In fact... 

RUN, don't walk to your nearest exit!

Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA)

Centers For Disease Control (CDC)

Arthritis Found In Children in Lyme
Steere & CT Health Department 
Hid Info From Public So They Wouldn't
"Disrupt the Community"

Australia- Boot Them Out Now!

Beard Engel Letter

CDC/IDSA Hypocritical

CDC Letter to Patients

CDC Transcript 9/2012 Diagnostic Update

Challenge 1 Pill Cures

Challenge ACA Pt.1

Challenge ACA Pt. 2

Chronic Lyme- Is It Real?

Discrediting Anyone and Everyone

Dr. Burgdorfer- Shameful- 4 Minute Video

Guideline Fun Photos

Guidelines NOT Supported

How WRONG Can They Be?

IDSA Book- YES to Chronic Lyme!

IDSA/CDC 2017 Attacks On Lyme Community

IDSA/CDC Recommend Outdated Guidelines

IDSA Lobby Costs- Chart

IDSA Open Comments- Submission- New Guidelines- April 7, 2015

ILADS Guidelines Review

John J. Halperin- Decades Later

John Meyerhoff- Sinai

Johns Hopkins

Last Minute Rush Before New Guidelines

Letter to NGC- Guidelines

MD Press Release

Membership- Recent

Monitoring Antibiotics

New Board Members

No Ticks/Lyme in Alabama

No Ticks/Lyme in Arkansas

NO Treatment For You- List

Old Guidelines- NGC

One Dose Doxy STILL- 2016

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