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Half-Way There!
Congressional Bill Passes In The House!
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URGENT Message!
LymeAid 4 Kids Funds 
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Where Can I Find A Doctor 
To Treat Lyme Disease?

Deer Flies Harbor
Lyme, Anaplasmosis & Bartonella

Lyme Disease Qualifies As A Disability
Under New Jersey Law 
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Ask The Experts
Pain, Swelling, Inflammation & Blood Vessels

Lyme & TBD Education 
By The Experts

Maryland Bumper Sticker

Designed by 
Bob Compton

Just Bitten
age To 
Print With
To Take To Your Doctor

Lyme & Tick Borne Disease List 
Symptoms & Treatment Information 
Help For You!   
Insurance Issues, Paying for Tests, 
Free & Reduced Priced Medications,
Lyme Aid 4 Kids, Disability Issues
Information Here

Outdoor Screened Protection 
From Biting Bugs

Another Reason To Keep Your Pants On!
Sexual Transmission of Lyme Disease
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Behavioral Changes and Learning 
Challenges in Children

Multiple Sclerosis is Lyme Disease:
The Anatomy of a Cover-Up
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Floaters in the Eyes?


Deer Ticks Harbor 91 Different Pathogens!

Lyme Disease in Maryland 
Fact Sheet- 2016

Participate in USA Study!
Save Yourselves Hundreds of Dollars

Mrs. Jean F. Galbreath, President
Harford County Lyme Disease Support Group

Dr. Kenneth Liegner
New Book

Attention Medical Professionals!
Treat the Patient- NOT the Tests!

What Lives in The USA,
Eats About 5,000 Ticks Per Season,
Is Rather An Ugly Mammal Momma &

Borrelia Biofilms Detected in Human Tissue
2016 Study

The "Other Lyme"
(Borrelia miyamotoi)
Survives Blood Bank Conditions

Week Ending May 30, 2016
Maryland Has 285 New Cases of Lyme

The Good News Is Lyme Disease Is Disappearing! 
That is IF You Believe the Maryland DHMH's

Please Call Your Local Health Department
Tell Them To Put Accurate Lyme & Tick Borne Disease 

IDSA Guideline Authors
Proven Wrong Too Many Times To Count
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Can We Get Some Help Here?
In This Exploding Epidemic, Where Is The

Don't Be Fooled!
One Dose of Doxycycline
After A Tick Bite
Does NOT 
Cure Lyme Disease!
Click Here For More Information
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Watch Spirochetes Transform 
Into L-Forms
2 Minute Video
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Approximately 20 Different 
Disease Causing Organisms
Detected/Discovered In Ticks
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Stevia Leaf Extract Wins!
Most Effective In Killing Lyme Bacteria

Most Potent Substances Against Lyme Disease
Spirochetes, Round-forms and Biofilms 

How Long Must A Tick Be Attached 
Before It Transmits Lyme Disease?

Maryland State Employees

For A Tick Bite
Get It Right!  Treat The Bite!
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Approximately 200 Residents A Day 
Are Contracting Lyme Disease in Maryland

Johns Hopkins' Paul Auwaerter 
Still Insists, Against All Science, Evidence & Logic 
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NEW Treatment Guidelines
 See Excerpts From The True Experts

Lyme Disease Mimicking 
ALS [Lou Gehrig's Disease] 
Click here for more information.
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One of Every Eleven Dogs Tested Positive 
For Lyme Disease in Maryland
Click here for more information.
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Don't forget, do a tick check!

The information presented on this site is intended as general information for use by the public, 
Lyme patients, 
their families, caregivers and health care professionals.  
If you are a Lyme patient be sure to ask your doctor to 
explain if and how this 
information applies to you.  We do not provide doctor referrals, diagnostic advice or 
specific treatment protocols for any disease or condition and we can not answer questions related to 
your individual health concerns.  We hope you find this site useful and informative. 

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