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Did A Tick Just Get You?

Lyme Tests Still Miss 

Lyme Treating Doctors & 

Lyme & Tick Borne Disease Info 

Some ticks are so tiny 
You may not see them!

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Lyme Tests Miss 
74.9% Of People 
Infected With 

A Combination of Antibiotics 
Is More Effective
In Killing All Forms of 
Spirochetal Organisms 
Responsible For
Chronic Lyme Disease

Medications, Supplements,
IV Infusions, Oral & Transdermal Meds

After The Bite

Paul Auwaerter & Others From 
Johns Hopkins STILL Don't
Believe Chronic Lyme Disease Exists

Have We Been Introduced?
Great Close Up Photos Of 

Persistent Borrelia Infection In Patients 

Over 700 Peer-Reviewed
Articles On 

CDC Abandons The 
Infectious Diseases Society of America 
And Its Conflicted and Dangerous

A negative Lyme test does 
NOT mean you don't have Lyme disease!
Remember, 3/4 of those with Lyme disease 
Are missed using the standard tests!

Lyme Patients Sue 
Infectious Diseases Society of America,
IDSA Lyme Disease Guideline Authors &
Major Insurance Companies For

Another Reason To 
Keep Your Pants On!
Lyme Disease 
Sexual Transmission 
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Over 400 Scientific Articles Linking 

Some Of The WORST Lyme Related Pain


One Dose of Doxycycline 
Does NOT Cure Lyme Disease!

New Federal Tick Borne Disease

Lyme Misdiagnosed As "MUS"

The IDiots Continue To Say...

New Diagnostic Code for Lyme Disease

Have You Recently Had A 
Lyme Disease Test in Maryland?

Lyme Wars Rage On
Treatment vs. No Treatment

How Long Must A Tick Be Attached 

The "Other Lyme Disease"
Standard Tests Miss It And It

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Wormser Wants To 
Change The Name  

Death From 

Paul Auwaerter 
(Johns Hopkins & IDSA President)
2 Minute Video Message 

Delaware Officials Warn  About Lyme Disease


Number of Pets 
Infected In Your 

Stopping Psych Meds 
In A Safer & More

Tick Prevention 

Lyme- An Even 
Bigger Threat 

Employment Discrimination 
Related To 

Dr. Richard Horowitz
Redefining Medicine

Misdiagnosed As 

Bottles To Help 

Destroyer of Ticks

Check In Maryland 
For The Exotic 

Fighter Pilot
Unfit For Duty
From Debilitating 

Just Bitten
One Printable Page 
To Take 
To Your Doctor

Getting Harder To Get Around Outdoors?

June 1st- Hurricane 
Season Starts!

Del-Mar-Va Peninsula
50% of Ticks 
Tested Positive for 
Lyme Disease!
Also Infected With 

$57 Million Law Suit 
Against CDC 
For Suppressing A Better 

Study Says Delaware Residents Not Worried About Lyme Disease

Translation To French 

List of Misdiagnoses 
When It Was Really 

Special Salute Honoring
Jean F. Galbreath, President

Get Sick When Going 
Stores, Malls, 
Schools or Offices?

Stopping Psych Meds 

Misdiagnosed As 

Chronic Dental Pain In 

Babesiosis Presenting As 

Morgellons Disease: From 

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 
(OCD) In People 

Many Ways To Detox
For People With 

Borrelia miyamotoi
Associated With 

The Other 
Lyme-Like Illness
Tests Do Not Detect It

New Discovery

Who Got The Grant Money For Lyme & 

Maryland & Other States Where 

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome
When Histamine 

 Everything You 

The South End Of A 

Translation- French 

East Asian Ticks Found in 

Tick Gators

Agressiveness, Violence, Homicidality, Homicide 

Hospital Acquired

Heartburn, Abdominal Pain, Skin Rash & Gastritis 

Decades of
Working Hard 


Products To Help Reduce

Latest CSTE & CDC 
Lyme Disease 

How To Kill Ticks 
On Your Clothes

To Test Ticks Or 
Not To Test Ticks?
Reasons NOT To 

It Is Finally 
Why Is This  
Such A Big Deal?

Help For You!   
Insurance Issues, 
Lab Tests, 
Meds- Free & Reduced,
Disability Issues & More
Information Here

Boot Them Out Now!

Hurricane Season 
Starts June 1st
Be Prepared
For All Disasters 
Memorial Day & 
Every Day

Dr. Joseph Burrascano, Jr.
1993 Video 
(3 minutes) 

Galaxy Lab Tests 
47 Species of 

Mental Health Issues & 
Lyme Disease

Ticks & Diseases
~ ~ ~

Watch Spirochetes 
Change Into 
2 Minute Video
~ ~ ~

Multiple Sclerosis or 
Lyme Disease?~ ~ ~

10 Minute Tick 
Attachment Time
~ ~ ~

Nasty Little Chiggers!
~ ~ ~

Get It Right!  

How Many People Get A Lyme Rash?
~ ~ ~

Deer Ticks Harbor 
~ ~ ~

Pets & Animals
Prevention, Symptoms, Testing, Treating
~ ~ ~

It's Lyme Time You Knew!
~ ~ ~

Ancient Ice Man 
Leads To Discovery of
~ ~ ~

Morgellons Disease
Linked to Lyme Disease
~ ~ ~

Ask The Experts

Why NOT To Sign A

John Meyerhoff- Rheumatologist
~ ~ ~

Lyme Disease in Maryland 
Fact Sheet- 2018~~~

Munchausen's By Proxy
Too Many Parents
~ ~ ~

New Lab Tests For 
~ ~ ~

New German Treatment Guidelines
~ ~ ~

New Study- August 2017
Essential Oils Effective Against 
Price List & Additional Info
~ ~ ~

Lyme Misdiagnosed 
In 7 Year Old 
~ ~ ~

Mercola Guide to 
~ ~ ~

When Lawmakers Must Break Laws To Get 
~ ~ ~

Independent Analysis 
For Supplements
~ ~ ~

Amoxicillin NOT 
Effective Against
~ ~ ~ 

Dr. Ying Zhang Interview 
~ ~ ~

Research Library
~ ~ ~

New Lyme Vaccine 
Coming Soon
~ ~ ~

Must A Rash Expand 
To Be Considered
~ ~ ~

Lyme Patients Rights 
Trampled On Again
~ ~ ~

Lyme Patients Who 
Pose A Suicide Risk 
~ ~ ~

Lyme Vaccine 
~ ~ ~

Interesting Report on Babesiosis Data 
~ ~ ~

Suicides & 
Lyme and Associated Diseases
~ ~ ~

Over 2/3 of Patients 
Fail To Recover 
After Standard Treatment 
For Lyme Disease
~ ~~

Information On 
Using Honey For 
~ ~ ~

While Lyme Patients Suffer
The IDSA That Made 
Them That Way 
~ ~ ~

Medicinal Uses For
~ ~ ~

Dr. Kenneth Liegner

Order Your Groceries Online & 
Have Them Loaded In Your 
Vehicle For You! 
~ ~ ~

Norway's Lyme Disease 
Treatment Guidelines
IDSA Look-Alikes 
~ ~ ~

Lyme Spirochetes 
Bartonella & Babesia Organisms Can ALL Survive Blood Bank 
~ ~ ~

Black Seed Oil
~ ~ ~

Experienced Diver 
Dr. Herxheimer
~ ~ ~

Marriages That Are 
Way Out Of "Lyme"
~ ~ ~

Autism, Lyme & 
Associated Diseases
~ ~ ~

Memory Test
~ ~ ~

Attention Medical Professionals!
Treat the Patient!

Interesting Study
~ ~~

Free Handout Literature
~ ~ ~

DPT Vaccine Kills 
5 X More Children 
~ ~ ~

"The Silent Killer"
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
~ ~ ~

Another Attack On 
Lyme Patients & Doctors
By Wormser, Baker & Shapiro
~ ~ ~ 

Dr. Horowitz Book
~ ~ ~

ALS or Lyme Disease?
~ ~ ~

Don't Wait!
~ ~~

Courts Approve 
Tests & PLDS
For Social Security Disability Evidence
~ ~ ~

Important Fire 
Safety Message 
~ ~ ~

Bartonella Infection 
~ ~ ~

Abusive Situations
~ ~ ~

Jailed For Lyme Disease
~ ~ ~


Mrs. Jean F. Galbreath
Harford County Lyme Disease Support Group
Awarded the Liz Heininger 
~ ~ ~

Lyme Disease in Maryland 
Fact Sheet- 2018

Video Presentation For
Doctors & Patients
Information on Medical & 

Important Info & Updates 
~ ~ ~

Deer Flies Harbor
Lyme, Anaplasmosis & 

Lyme & TBD Education 

Behavioral Changes &
Learning & 

Floaters in the Eyes?

Borrelia Biofilms 
Detected in Human Tissue~~~

Can We Get Some Help?
In This Exploding 
Epidemic Where Is The

Approximately 20 
Different Organisms Discovered In Ticks
~ ~ ~

Stevia Leaf Extract Wins!
Most Effective In Killing Lyme Bacteria

IDSA Guideline Authors
Proven Wrong Too Many 
Times To Count
~ ~ ~

Most Potent Substances Against Lyme Disease
Round-forms & Biofilms 

Maryland State Employees
Treatment Guidelines
 See Excerpts From 
The Experts

In Maryland 
One of Every Eleven Dogs 
Tested Positive 
Lyme Disease 
Click here for more information.

The information presented on this site is intended as general information for use by the public, Lyme patients, their families, caregivers & health care professionals. 

If you are a Lyme patient be sure to ask your doctor to explain if and how this information may apply to you. 

We do not provide individual doctor referrals, diagnostic advice or specific treatment protocols for any disease or condition, and we can not answer questions related to your individual health concerns.  

We hope you find this site useful and informative.

Lucy Barnes
631 Railroad Avenue
Centreville, MD  21617

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