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Offers Free Online Ordering &
Free Pick Up & Load Up Services,
And FREE Shipping Of Groceries To Your Home 
For Your Grocery Orders!

UPDATE July 2018- now offers FREE delivery of your groceries- right to your home or office!  (On orders of $35 or more, and NO membership fees.)  Look underneath the price of the item to see if it says FREE shipping when you are making your selection.  Note- "shipping is case-by-case based on location".  See example below.

Great Value Peach Slices in Peach & Pear Juice, 29 oz

Average rating:4.5849out of5stars, based on53reviews53 reviews
Walmart # xxxxxx
$0.07 / oz
Free 2-day shipping on orders over $35
Arrives by Wed, Jul 11
Free pickup Wed, Jul 11

~ ~ ~

If you already use the site to place mail orders, then you already have an account with Walmart that will show up when you log in.  If not, it is simple to create an account. 

Here is where you start-

1.  See If There Is A Walmart Grocery Location Near You- click on the small blue picture of the store (looks like a house) in the top left section of the main page. Type in your zip code to find locations nearest you. Or, if you have a notice pop up in the center of the screen, put your zip code in there.

2. Order Your Groceries- type the item's name... example- lettuce, eggs, bread... to see your choices of size, types, brands, etc.  See picture below.

There may be several pages of items in the category to browse through once you hit "search", so be sure to check the bottom of the page for more listings before moving on. 

3.  Buy Me!  Buy Me!-  If you want to purchase a specific item, click on the orange button that says, “Add To Cart”.  Add to Cart   These buttons are located underneath each item like in the example below.

4.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Favorites List- if you want to save items you've seen to develop your own “Favorites List”, click on the faded sad heart in the top right section of each item's listing (see organic banana picture). It will automatically turn red, be happy and save that item for you (see Dannon Yogurt picture) for later.

5.  To search only for “organic” items- or for example only "Atkins", or only “Paleo”, or only "gluten free items”-  type your search words in the search bar (top center of the page).  

Then these products will magically appear!  

6.  Save Time Looking- You can narrow the categories down by using the drop down menu buttons marked  

7.  Categories to Search-  On the top left section of the main page there are three small white horizontal lines.  That is the main drop down menu.  Click there to shop by "department".  

REMINDER-  Don't forget when you find a product you like, even if it isn't for your current order, click the sad faded heart and make it happy & red so that item will be saved as a possible choice for your future orders.  This will save you time and energy later on.  

The Favorite List you develop can also be used as a handy "reminder" of what to order for those with a bit of brain fog going on.

** Nice Features-  You can easily do some comparison shopping by checking the price per unit, or for example, price per ounce (oz.), underneath each product.

8.  Pick Up Your Groceries- And They Load Them For You!  You can pick your preferred time slot for pick up. The earlier you place your order online (1-2 days in advance if possible, but you are allowed up until 10 AM each day), the more time slots will be open.  You are asked for the time slot you prefer when checking out.

9.  Money Crunching Time- you can keep better track of how much you are spending each time you shop, which should help those with budget concerns. You may even save enough to buy me a couple T-Bone steaks!  (FYI- Walmart has them and they are delicious!)

10.  Substitute This For That- if you click on a product's "substitute" button during checkout and the product you ordered is out of stock for some reason, they will offer you a similar product, and charge you the lower of the two prices!  

For example, if you like a right side up bottle of catsup and it is sold out, you can get the more expensive upside down bottle for the lower price!  

11. Get It All!  They don't seem to mind unusual items ordered in with the groceries. I tested them by ordering a new hair brush and some small rubber bands to tie back my hair. I'm quite sure they did better than I would have when picking out these items for me.  

And if the rubber bands "break my hair" (it says they won't right on the package)- I can return them on my next trip.  My next order will include some fingernail polish, so we will see how the guys do with that!  HA!


12. Review Your Order & Check Out- Click on the picture of the grocery cart on the right upper side of the main page to review the items you've selected.  

You can add additional items, delete items, add more quantity (3 cans of beans instead of 2), and check prices. You can even hold the order for a few days and add to it as you think of things you want.

You will need to have a total of at least $30.00 (minimum) to use this FREE service. That amount may vary- so please check your area's rules. Your shopping cart will look something like this and will be much easier to read than your typical chicken-scratch grocery list that you forget and leave at home after writing it out.

Nice To Know

When you go to pick up your order...

1.  It will already be paid for, so there is no waiting in line to check out while your cold food gets hot, and your hot food gets cold!  

2.  Walmart's policy is no tipping allowed. QUOTE-  "Tips cannot be accepted, but a “thank you” and a smile are always welcome. Please complete the post-order survey to let us know about your experience and help us make your next order better!"  

The survey is so simple.  One question- you just click "stars" once to rate the service- and that's it!  There is an additional comment section if you care to add more.

3.  The area for 'pick up' parking is very well marked, well lit and easy to find.  

4.  When you pull into the marked parking space use your cell phone to call the number boldly displayed on the sign right in front of you. I was told if I was in a hurry I could call 10-15 minutes before arriving and they would have it out there and ready to be loaded when I arrived.  

I did not call in advance, and ordered a lot of groceries that they had to load up, and I was still in and out of there within about 10 minutes.  It takes me 20 minutes just to walk into the store most days, if I'm lucky!

5.  The people working in my Walmart Grocery department were extremely nice, very fast, knowledgable and accommodating.  You don't see that kind of service every day.

I went on a 92 degree day and before they came out with my groceries they came out and greeted me kindly.  They also brought me an ice cold (complimentary) bottle of water to drink while I waited.  Not sure if you will be offered one though. As nice as they were I am pretty sure they like me best.  ~smile~ 

6. Veggies and possibly some other items must be weighed before they know the final price.  My total on fresh veggies was about 18 cents lower than what was listed as the online price. 

7.  Walmart prides itself on its eco-friendly record which it continues to try to improve, so it reduces paper waste by sending your receipt to you by email (less chance of losing it too).  Mine was there before I got home!  More environmental info here.

8.  Once I got there I noticed this Walmart Grocery store had a drive-thru prescription pick up window!  I will have my next prescriptions written so I can get them filled there too, saving me even more money, energy and time.  

You can also order many first aid, medically related OTC items and your supplements too, along with your groceries.  Example...


Like LOTS of savings?  
Walmart's got them for you!

Regular Prices- at Walmart the prices are typically lower than most grocery stores and they have a nice selection too!

Grocery Pick Up Service- No tricks! Walmart did NOT mark up prices on any items. They are the same low price as they would be when shopping inside the store.  

Refer A Friend- and you get $10 off your next grocery order- and they get $10 off too!  Double WOW on that!  

The Link To Refer A Friend- is located on the top right section of the main page. I was able to use my discount on my first order.  Sweet!

Here is their "cute", but VERY RESPONSIBLE
 Walmart Grocery Pick-Up Rule  

Hopefully, you will not consider breaking it!  

"An order of alcohol totaling 20 gallons or more will not be allowed."

Additional Information
From the Walmart Grocery Website

What if you bring me the wrong item, or if I'm not happy with my order?

You can return any wrong or unacceptable item directly to the person delivering your order either at delivery or the pickup location.

If you discover a problem after you receive your order, you can call our customer care team at 1-800-924-9206.

You can also return items to any Walmart store. Just take your receipt so they know you are a Walmart Grocery customer.

Our Freshness Guarantee

We stand by the quality of our products. If you are not satisfied with a product you receive through Walmart Grocery, simply call Customer Care for a refund. You may also return it to a local Walmart store - just bring in your delivery receipt.

Customer Care

We strive to meet our promise to our customers 100% of the time, but if for any reason we have not met your expectations, please contact customer care for assistance.

Call us: 1-800-924-9206
Email us-

Add A "Pick Up Person" On Your Order When You Check Out- That way if you aren't feeling good that day you won't have to struggle trying to get there yourself.  Click Here for more information.

And Just So You Know... 

I don't get any "perks" for sharing this information. It is something I've personally needed help with for a long time.  Now that I've tried it I think it is the hottest thing to hit my world since they invented automatic dishwashers!  

Way to go Walmart!  

Thank You!

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