Fire Safety


Stop reading this right now and go check the batteries in your smoke detectors. Then come back to read more. PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!

A Baltimore, MD family recently lost 6 of their 9 little children in a house fire. This is so tragic and unbelievably sad. Heartbreaking, devastating beyond words. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of these children.  

In an effort to prevent this tragedy from happening again PLEASE act now.  

Lyme patients are typically slower than the average person and this one safety precaution is so important to help keep you and your family safe, especially since we need as much warning as possible to get out if a fire starts.

And PLEASE do it right.  Be sure there are enough smoke detectors and they are hung in the right places. PLEASE take a minute to read more about it.  
The life you save may be your own.

If you can’t afford smoke detectors please check with your local fire departments. Some have smoke detectors for free and some stations will come out and install them for you. See links below.  

You can also purchase one smoke detector at a time each time you go shopping so you don’t have a big one time bill.

Thank you!

PS-  Next week I will start hounding you about having working fire extinguishers in your home and vehicle. To save yourself the pain of that lecture, please check out the link below in advance. 

Maryland Smoke Alarm Law (2013)-  "More importantly, the law will require over the course of the next few years an upgrade in smoke alarm coverage in existing homes. 

Under provisions of the new law, a single 9-volt battery operated smoke alarm in the second floor hallway will no longer be adequate in some existing older homes. 

The Maryland Smoke Alarm Law will require a minimum of one smoke alarm on every level of the home. Where battery operated smoke alarms are acceptable, sealed battery operated smoke alarms with long life batteries and hush button features will now be required."  

More information here:

Free Smoke Detectors, Installation & Other Offers 

Anne Arundel County

Baltimore City

Montgomery County- Free Fire Safety Check

For More Info On County 
Smoke Detector Programs 
Contact the Office of the 
Maryland State Fire Marshal at 

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