Where Are You MD DHMH?

Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene!
What are you doing to educate the public and the doctors?
Maryland Residents Need Help!

The Maryland DHMH continues to fall behind when it comes to informing the public about Lyme and tick borne diseases. If someone needs Lyme disease information they won't find updated, accurate and in some cases any information on Lyme disease on the websites of the agencies that are suppose to be protecting the public and those, unlike our dedicated volunteers, who have funding to do it.

Contact numbers for your local county health department can be found here.  Please contact them and tell them you want accurate information on their website.  Keep calling until they make appropriate changes.  

State of Maryland DHMH- no mention of Lyme disease on the health department's website for the State, however Zika Virus is on their main page.  You have to go to the CZVBD website to locate educational information on Lyme disease.

Websites By County- June 2016 Survey

Allegany- no search bar- didn’t see Lyme- but, Zika info is on main page.

Anne Arundel- must do a search to find it- 47 hits on Lyme.  AA County typically has done a better job educating than the rest of the State.  Most recent publication:

Baltimore City- no results for a "Lyme" search.

Calvert County- one mention of Lyme here...

Carol County- no results during a Lyme search.

Cecil County-  One page mention with inaccurate info like this... "Ticks must be attached to the body for at least 24 hours before they pass the Lyme disease bacteria to humans."

Charles County- could not find a website for them.

Dorchester County- nothing seen about Lyme and no search bar.

Frederick County- one mention only.
"I found a tick on my body, where can I have it tested for Lyme disease?
The health department does not test ticks or other insects for disease. You can contact the Maryland Cooperative Extension office at 301-600-1594 to inquire about testing availability."
That was it!

Garrett County- can’t find their website.  Only this mention of Zika virus in a joint press release.

Harford County- had to search several pages in to find anything. Just data like below at the link posted.  Nothing educational for the public.

Howard County- Website with Lyme info found by someone else after additional searching.  
Did find out how to make Zika Virus Kits from CDC that could have been promoted for Lyme disease and were not.

Kent County-  Found nothing.  http://kenthd.org 

Montgomery County- Found County info only- not Maryland DHMH specific info.

Prince Georges County- didn’t find a website.

Queen Anne County- no mention of Lyme, but that is par for the course in that County.

St. Mary’s County- one page, had to search for it.

Somerset County- no mention of Lyme, large Zika virus display though.

Talbot County- no mention, but has Zika virus on there.

Washington County- has floating pictures. One of the 3 has the Maryland Ticked Off logo which takes you to this site.

Wicomico County- has one page and has typically been one of two sites with decent information, not always accurate, but some information at least.

Worcester County- like others has Zika virus info there on the main page. "Fight the Bite: Prevent the Spread of Disease by Mosquitoes."  Has one page on Lyme if you do a search to find it.

It's free to put Lyme disease information on DHMH websites.
And it is important!
So what's their excuse for not doing it?   


To find the phone number for your 

local county health department, click here.

Please tell them accurate Lyme disease information 

should be listed on their webpage. 

June 1, 2016 Survey of Maryland DHMH websites.
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