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To see detailed information on Reported Cases in Maryland, please see the Reported Cases section on this site located here-

UPDATE- April 2018- FYI- The new head of the Maryland Center for Zoonotic and Vectorborne Diseases (CZVBD) is a veterinarian- David A. Crum. He was previously an "acting" State Public Health Veterinarian at Maryland Department of Health. More information here- 

UPDATE-  June 2017-  In case someone didn't know this information already, the Maryland DHMH and others from NY, CT, NY government funded agencies spent their time and our dollars to report that pet owners may be at greater risk for having tick exposure and getting Lyme disease.  New Study Info Here

Reported Cases

*The CDC states for every case of Lyme disease reported, 
At least ten are missed.*


In 2009 the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene 

did not enter 5,722 reported cases in the state database.

The Maryland DHMH reported "the number of tested specimens 

drastically decreased after 2009". 

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The Maryland DHMH reports the time it takes to complete a report 

for a single case of Lyme disease ranges from 0.5 - 52 hours.

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