Doctor Referrals 

The following groups and organizations provide contact information for health care professionals who treat patients with Lyme and tick borne diseases.  If you are unable to locate a Lyme-treating physician in your area, you or your doctor may want to request assistance from those dedicated to educating the public and supporting health care professionals who wish to advance the standard of care for Lyme and tick borne diseases.

Lyme Disease Association (LDA)

Online Referrals, Click HERE

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State Support Groups

Contact Information, Click HERE

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Lyme Referrals

State Group Information HERE

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LymeNet (LN)

Online Referrals By Patient Volunteers, Click HERE

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For Pain & Neurological Symptoms

American Chiropractic Neurology Board- Click Here

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Websites of Lyme Treating Health Care Professionals

Public Information Search, Click HERE

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Contact A Support Group In Your Area

Contact Information, Click HERE

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International Lyme & Associated Diseases Society (ILADS)

Email  or

*We recommend you work with your current doctor for Lyme disease treatment.  If you are not satisfied and wish to consider a second opinion with a doctor who specializes in treating tick-borne diseases, this is a starting point to help you with your search.

The names provided by the sources listed above are often compiled from various sources, including feedback from patients and information provided by Lyme disease support groups.  Please check with the various doctor’s offices for information on their policies, fee structure, and insurance issues before making an appointment. 

We are not medical professionals and cannot recommend a specific doctor, nor make any guarantees or warranties of any kind. 

Why is it so hard to find a doctor?


Doctors Have Been Threatened If They Treat Patients

Beyond the Minimal "Insurance Friendly" Treatment Protocols

 Even If Patients Remain Ill


Infectious Disease Doctors Often 

Mistakenly Get Their Information From

A Handful of Discredited IDSA Treatment Guideline 

Authors Or The Guidelines Themselves  


A Government Employee (NIH) Has Been 

Stalking, Tormenting & Threatening

Lyme Disease Support Group Leaders

Lyme Disease Organizations &

Doctors Treating Lyme Disease 

For Almost Two Decades 

To Try To Shut Them Up

And Make Them Tow the Line


Lyme Guideline Authors & Some Supporters 

Publicly Harass & Torment 

Lyme Treating Doctors, 

Volunteer Organizations & 

Support Group Leaders, 

Referring to Them (Most Nicely)

As A "Threat To Public Health"


A Large Percentage of Lyme Treating Doctors 

Nationwide Have Been Approached 

By Medical Boards, Threatened, Sanctioned, 

Charged With Violations and 

Some Have Lost Their Medical Licenses 

As A Result


For these reasons and more 

It will be quite difficult to find a 

Lyme treating doctor.  


We suggest you share the 

ILADS Treatment Guidelines

With Your Own Doctor!

And please, thank them for 

Helping you if they do.  


We recommend steering clear of 

infectious disease doctors, 

neurologists and rheumotologists 

that follow the Infectious Disease Society 

of America (IDSA) Lyme Guidelines.

Some are still hanging on and can be found 

At the Mayo Clinic, Mass General, 

NY Medical College & Johns Hopkins.