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The Silent Killer

The “Silent Killer”...

Years ago I worked with a 40 year old Lyme patient in very bad shape (sudden onset) who was eventually hospitalized. Once he was released he remained ill and was of course “dismissed” by his doctors.  

Turns out after speaking with him that he, as a professional waterman and pile driver, had removed a broken muffler from his boat a few months earlier.  

He operated his pile driving rig from a position just above the exhaust. I told him to replace the muffler ($40) and thankfully the symptoms cleared up. (Lucky guess.) 

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning- just something else to consider, especially when folks are indoors during the cold weather (living and/or working) without a lot of fresh air circulation and equipment they may not realize is faulty. 

The numbers reported below do not factor in those exposed to carbon monoxide who recovered. Number of deaths in the summer time was fairly high too.  

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