Congenital Transmission

Congenital Transmission of Lyme & Tick Borne Diseases

Congenital Transmission of Lyme Disease

Congenital Transmission of Babesiosis

2018-  "...2 infants with congenital babesiosis born to mothers with prepartum Lyme disease..."  

2015-  "Four ... of five infants with congenital babesiosis whose neutrophil count was reported were neutropenic."

2010-  "Congenital babesiosis in a four-week-old female infant"

2009-   "... third congenital case of babesiosis in a 26-day-old infant; transmission was determined on the basis of a blood smear from the infant (15% parasitemia) and serologic results from the infant and mother."

2006-  "Neonatal babesiosis: case report and review of the literature"

Babesiosis Transmission in Animals

2017-  Prevalence, genetic identity and vertical transmission of Babesia microti in three naturally infected species of vole, Microtus spp. (Cricetidae)

2015-  Vertical Transmission of Babesia microti in BALB/c Mice: Preliminary Report

2005- "This is the first confirmed report of transplacental Babesia infection in any animal species."

1976- "A case of intra-uterine transmission of Babesia bovis is reported. The calf was born normally but showed signs of intravascular haemolysis and nervous involvement 24 h after birth."

1975- Letter: Prenatal Babesia bigemina infection in a calf

Congenital Transmission of Bartonella

2016-  "A putative vertical Bartonella henselae infection was defined on the basis of ultrastructural and molecular analyses in a three-year-old child with anemia, jaundice and hepatosplenomegaly since birth."

Congenital Transmission of Anaplasmosis

1987- 2017  Documented in Animals Only

Congenital Transmission of Tularemia

1947-  Congenital Tularemia

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