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Definition of Chronic Lyme Disease

Chronic Lyme Definition- (pdf file here):


May 9, 2017- Today, CHRONIC Lyme disease is officially OFFICIAL!  Dr. Raphael Stricker, et. al. published a study medically describing and defining CHRONIC Lyme Disease based on over 700 peer-reviewed studies.

According to the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) there is no such thing as CHRONIC Lyme disease because there has been no official definition of it in the medical literature.  NOW there IS!  

Admitting chronic Lyme exists would indicate the IDSA's treatment protocols are ineffective, so the CDC & IDSA have fought hard for decades against patients who remain ill to try to dismiss the existence of it.  

The lack of an official definition has also allowed insurers to deny payment for physician ordered tests and treatment. 

Quote from Stricker, et. al. Paper- "According to this definition, CLD is a multisystem illness with diverse musculoskeletal, neuropsychiatric and/or cardiovascular manifestations that result from ongoing infection with pathogenic members of the Borrelia spirochete complex often associated with other tickborne disease (TBD) pathogens. 

To qualify for the diagnosis of CLD, patients must have Lyme- compatible symptoms and signs that are either consistently or variably present for six or more months. Two subcategories of CLD include untreated chronic Lyme disease (CLD-U) and chronic Lyme disease following a limited course of antibiotic treatment (CLD-T)."

More Info Here (Press Release)

Link to Full Article- Click on PDF To View (removed from site)

See Chronic Lyme Definition article on pdf file here


So let the joyous news be spread! 

Another IDSA myth is finally dead!

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