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About mary had a little cookie In 6th grade, I started making cookies, cakes, cupcakes, bars, breads and pies to feed the family - including two football playing brothers  - who kept me busy baking!    Christmas time would find me decorating sugar cookies  - every year getting more and more detailed with my designs.   I started branching out to Easter and Halloween.   A few decades passed during which got a degree in Electrical Engineering,  worked on hard disk drives at IBM and Seagate, married a fellow Electrical Engineer, then got a home, then a dog and then kids. I baked on holidays/birthdays for my own growing family.   Then a friend of mine was having a baby shower and wanted to have cookies and a cake.  The cookies and cake were such a hit another friend of mine asked me to make cookies for a Bridal Shower.  This led to another Bridal  Shower and a Wedding and Baby Showers.  Word of mouth spread and here I am today with this little website.   ~ Mary