Dr. Mary E. Blair

About Me

I am the Director of Biodiversity Informatics Research at the Center for Biodiversity and Conservation at the American Museum of Natural History and also an Affiliated Professor at the Richard Gilder Graduate School at AMNH and at Columbia University's Dept. of Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology

As a conservation biologist focusing on primates, my research integrates spatial modeling and molecular genetics to understand the evolutionary processes that generate biodiversity and the influence of environmental variability on evolutionary divergence. I also explore how knowledge of evolutionary processes can inform conservation planning and the spatial prioritization of conservation actions, alongside knowledge from diverse sources and perspectives.

I am currently leading a new project funded by NASA to expand the open-source species distribution modeling software Wallace to facilitate biodiversity observation network assessment and reporting by conservation practitioners. I recently led interdisciplinary research on the diversity of slow lorises and the patterns, scales, and drivers of illicit trade in these and other animals in Vietnam. You can read about my trips to Vietnam in my New York Times Scientist at Work Blogs or my AMNH Fieldwork Journal Blogs (or go to links).

You can read more about my work on the Research page, or you can follow me on researchgate, google scholar or Twitter @marye_blair.
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