The Equine and Animal Natural Healing Touch is a modality of unique healing for all animals and is a non invasive as well as an amazing alternative way of healing.  It promotes cellular homeostasis and re balances the body and so allows the animals to heal on an Emotional, Mental and Physical level. No diagnostic is given nor a specific disease treated.
It is not designed or intended to replace veterinary treatments, however it is complimentary to allopathic, homeopathic, chiropractic, herbal, massages as well as acupuncture and acupressure. When performed with accuracy, integrity and intent it has a profound effect on the animals.
Each animal is an individual and has developed its own problem, and can have taken on its owners issues. This unique healing helps to remove the cause and by pass the symptom and clearing the emotional and mental issues will always prevent the onset of a physical problem occurring.
The animal heals itself and therefore TIME is of great essence.
Problems that have been dealt with and with amazing results:  stiffness, napping, bolting, biting, anxiety, depression, aggression, nervousness, hip, joints, back issues, bridle lameness, behavioural and many more.

The E & A N H T courses consist of three groups, All animals, Equine only and Small animals
However to become a Practitioner/Voluntary Worker/Certificate Achiever you need to do the Course 1.
It is essential to have 6 months of practice/workshops before commencing to the 2nd module.

In Course 1 you will work with all types of animals from horses, cows, pigs, rats, snakes etc.
Wild life is on the list for those who desires go that route.
Learning the different movements as well the Emotional, Mental and Physical information and finding the root of cause to alleviate the symptom.
Course 2 is working only with horses and is a 2 Module course, with 6 months practice/workshops before doing the next module.
Course 3 is working only with small animals, dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, etc but is necessary to work with horses to learn the feel and understandings of the movements. You will learn what their needs are and much more to help your cat, dogs etc.
Only 4-6 students are taken per course.
Format can be emailed /posted on request.



Working with animals and using Kinesiology is a most wonderful and natural way of healing, and is so rewarding.  Kinesiology is very much a “Hands On” therapy, using a muscle to test.  Modern vibrational medicine has proven the relationships of energy in supporting physical life.  Recent studies in neurological science have been able to define the interaction of energy and the nervous system in related organs and muscles.  This supports the ancient view that physical disease and imbalance is related to energy imbalances with the living organisms.  This has been applied to animals and humans in Specialised Kinesiology and other vibrational healing modalities.  Using applied resonance theories energy balances have been shown to positively affect the humans as well as animals in that it restores the body’s natural healing response.  Energy is not limited by the animal / human form as is obvious with radio / TV, in the form of sound frequency transmission.  We have been able to show on many occasions that animals are able to respond to Specialised Kinesiology techniques using people as surrogates.  The surrogator testing is carried out using the hair placed over the navel of the surrogator.  Similar to an electric fence – if you touch the fence you will receive a shock, however if while touching the fence you touch another person the electric current will travel through you.


Specialised Kinesiology realigns the whole body, and helps to clear the emotional stress which has been stored in the body.  Muscles are a part of the body’s communication system.  Messages are sent from the muscle to the spinal cord which carries them to the brain where they are received, interpreted and a reply sent which results in some action taking place.  Muscle responses, when tested, are tuning into this neurological system.  Emotional, mental, physical and nutritional states all contribute to the overall picture and interact with one another.  When animals come down under pressure the lines get crossed, disconnected or broken down, resulting in the messages sent out become confused.  Muscle testing enables one to tap into the body’s communication system and unravel the crossed lines and, where necessary, apply appropriate energy corrections to bring the body back to balance.  These energy balances provide a gentle release of negativity from the mind and body.


Animals do suffer stress and so Kinesiology offers a unique and effective method for clearing a wide range of energy blockages.  When practiced by people who are PROPERLY TRAINED, Kinesiology on animals can cause no harm.  The techniques used for corrections are simple, non-invasive and gentle.  The ideal use for Kinesiology is to keep the physical, emotional, mental and energy system in balance and then problems are less likely to rise.  Moreover Kinesiology can detect imbalances before they develop into physical symptoms and disease.  Kinesiology corrections encourage the body / mind to heal itself.


Below is a short list intended to give animal owners an idea of the scope of Kinesiology:

Accident Trauma



Behavioral problems

Back problems



Bone related (tendons etc)

Compulsive behavior

Concentration difficulties




Digestive problems

Ear / Eye

Emotional upsets


Food intolerance

Foot problems





Nerve related






Skin disorders

Sinus problems




Urinating problems

For further information, contact:

M. Carey – Kinesiology Animal Talk Expert

Cell – 083 301 1427

Email – ama_carey@polka.co.za


Equine & Animal Natural Healing Touch Facilitator, Kinesiology Animal Talk Expert, S.A.N.E.F Instructor, Reiki Master Healer, Equine Touch Practitioner

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