Prosthetic Cosmologies - Sitka

mary ann odonnell

       While at the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology, I completed ten panels from the project Prosthetic Cosmologies. On Jan 11, 2009, I mounted the ten panels in three stanzas at the Resident Artist Open House, which was held at the Lincoln City Cultural Center. The first stanza, Your Presence is Requested includes The Invitation, Cold War Gods, Peppermint Gyre, and Gilded Coast. The second cluster, Naturalizations reads through Virtuous Transformations, Heads Buried in Delta Sands, Shennan Road, and Building Blocks. The third cluster, Origin Stories incorporates Shenzhen Zhuangzi 1842 and Migrant Walls.

       I printed four 13 x 19 sets each of Your Presence is Requested and Naturalizations. In addition to one 24 x 34 set, I printed five 13 X 19 sets of Origin Stories. Each panel and its story is gifted to someone I connected to through the image. At the gifting, both of us write inscriptions to each other. In turn, I ask recipients to pass on the gift and the emergent story in the appropriate season and to et me know to whom, when, where, the inscriptions, and – if convenient – how to contact the recipient.







Your Presence is Requested 

The Invitation 

Cold War Gods 

Peppermint Gyre 

Gilded Coast 



Virtuous Transformations 

Heads Buried in Delta Sands 

Shennan Road

Building Blocks 

Origin Stories

Shenzhen Zhuangzi 1842 

Migrant Walls

Origin Stories 24 X 34