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Mary Ann O'Donnell 


Two Places at Once,” with Charlie Newman, Steven Schroeder, Song Zijiang, and Hilda Tam, Feb 2010. 

"A Walk in Shenzhen II," poetry by Steven Schroeder.

"Temporal Dislocations," two panel image poem created for, out of, and through the Food-scape project. Piece began in Shenzhen, Nov 2008, signed by Food-scape participants Mar 30 – Apr 10, 2009, postcard frames made in Shenzhen.

 "Prosthetic Cosmologies - Sitka," 10 panels printed for the Artist Open House, Sitka Center for Art and Ecology, Lincoln City Art Center, Lincoln City, OR, Jan 11, 2009.

"Prosthetic Cosmologies - Sitka Gifting," I printed four 13 x 19 sets each of
Your Presence is Requested and Naturalizations. In addition to one 24 x 34 set, I printed five 13 X 19 sets of Origin Stories. Each panel and its story is gifted to someone I connected to through the image. At the gifting, both of us write inscriptions to each other. In turn, I ask recipients to pass on the gift, the story, and new inscriptions in the appropriate season. The gifting process humanizes images that have been digitally "mass produced".  I am keeping a genealogy of the migrating inscriptions. Project began in Lincoln City, January 9.   

  "Tianmian: East West South North (田面:东西南北)" a 26 photo image-poem (五地绝句), digital exhibit, Parsons Architecture Gallery, New School, New York, NY, Feb 11-27, 2008.

"Draw Whiskers, Add Dragon," poster for the Fat Bird performance "Draw Whiskers, Add Dragon", performed and installed at Guan Shanyue Museum of Fine Arts (关山月美术馆), Shenzhen, June 22 through July 22, 2007.

Six photographs from "Found Objects" were shown at the second China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Fair, Shenzhen, May 18-21, 2006.

“Hongming 5,” backdrop for the Fat Bird performance piece "This Body, These Movements," which premiered at Guangzhou International Modern Dance Festival, May 6, 2006. “ 

Pictures of “15 Shenzhen Walls” were shown as part of the ongoing Fat Bird Performance/Installation piece “Materializations”, RAW Studio, Shenzhen, September 19, 2005.

“A Walk in Shenzhen," poetry by Steven Schroeder, Writing Macau, May 2005.

"The Other Shenzhen," five, black and white images of Shenzhen (90cm x 60cm) displayed as part of the “Experiencing the City: A Gathering of Poets” salon organized by Fat Bird Theatre, April 17, 2005.

Magazine Publications

"Monte Verita," Text by Yang Qian, Real Estate Review, Issue 31, September 2009, 130-35 (Mandarin Publication). 

"Ruins," a series of photographs primarily from Pingshan in Longgang District, Shenzhen, Tryst, January 2006, Volume 14.

"Morning Tea," a series of fifteen photographs from the series Found Objects, Archipelago, Winter 2006, Volume 9 (

"Imperial Dreams, Beijing 2005," a series of eight photographs of tourists visiting imperial sites over the May Day holiday, The Dogwood Journal, Issue 5, September 25, 2005.

“Dreaming Berlin,” series of nine photographs of Berlin street scenes, in World Union Review (September 2005), 104-7 (Mandarin publication).


“Urbanization,” won 2nd Prize, Digital Art, Fine Arts Festival, Arts Council of Moore County, North Carolina, August 5-26, 2005.




 found objects, tianmian village

My photographic dialogue with the city, “Found Objects” unpacks the cultural meaning of urbanization in Shenzhen.  In this series, I juxtapose objects, which I have found at construction sites and garbage dumps, with Shenzhen’s hyper-modern cityscape. Made in China, these cheap, ordinary and battered objects remind us that, grandiose dreams notwithstanding, we inhabit any city through small, intimate acts.


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