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I am a neuroscientist with special interest and expertise in ageing. I am passionate about understanding how our brains process various cognitive and social cognitive functions with advancing age. Currently, I am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Centre for Advanced Imaging working with Prof. David Reutens. The focus of my research now is to understand the underlying neural networks involved in logical reasoning in younger and older adults. I am also leading a project that aims to examine social cognitive processes among patients with epilepsy and ultimately, develop an intervention program to ameliorate the negative impact of social cognitive deficits on patients' quality of life.  

During my PhD, my main focus was on the neural and cognitive mechanisms involved in emotion and social-cognitive processes in aging. I have been supervised by Prof. Julie HenryProf. Bill von Hippel, A/Prof. Jonas Persson, Dr. Hana Burianova . You can find out more about my research projects in "Ongoing research" section.

"The header image of the site is demonstrating the snapshot of single fiber bundles from neurobureau.org."