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Welcome to my Marx Collection. My collection consist of pressed steel Marx trucks and cars from around the 1920's - 1940's.  I'm also collecting Marx tin litho playsets.  I'm always looking for Wyandotte and Marx Easter trucks that I don't have in my collection or parts that I'm missing for the tin litho playsets or truck sets.  I collect original toys that have original paint no repro's or repaints in my collection.  My gas pump globes and headlight bulbs are the only repro parts.

Always looking for Marx trucks and trailers with original cardboard inserts and with original loads.


Links page has toy collectors, toy dealers, toy parts.
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August 11, 2018
For sale page consists of any vintage toy vehicles such as Marx, Wyandotte, Girard, Ertl, Structo, Hubley, hotwheels, matchbox, truck, car, train etc.   For sale page may also have tin playsets for sale or gas pumps for sale.  For sale page will also have parts.  What ever I come across that is related to toy collecting could end up on the for sale page.

Last  Updated
August 11, 2018
For sale page also has WANTED items.

Marx Army / Military airport.

This set came with two 4" Drab Green airplanes with tin litho canopy.

Marx Military Airport with Bomber Planes, Searchlight, and Cannon Gun.

Marx 4" Airplanes.  Used as flat car loads and with playsets.

1.  Both silver planes are bombers with clips under the wings.
2.  Green military airplane has the tin litho canopy.

1940 Sears Catalog.
Scale has the Marx Logo and around logo it reads: MADE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

Inside insert has cut outs for the guns and slots for the airplanes to lock in.

1939 Mechanical Toys Ad.

Above picture you can see the clips under the wings of the silver airplanes that held wood bombs.

Marx Studebaker 18 inch Grocery truck with scale that really weighs!!!

The partition has a sleeve that holds the scale bracket.

Marx Sunny Side Service Station with Penna Oil cart and water can.

1935 Simmons Hardware Company Ad.

Full uncut Marx factory sheet of gas pumps.

Picture to the right shows close up view of the Marx ETHYL gas pumps.

Marx Filling Station island.
Marx Gas Station Island.

1935 Simmons Hardware Company Ad.

Marx miniature service oil carts.
Marx Brightelite Filling Station.
Original box for the Brightelite FIlling Station.

1930 Marx Mechanical Toys Catalog pg. 13
1930 Marx Mechanical Toys Catalog pg. 13
Marx Aero Service Gas Station with single gas pump and original box.

1930 Butler Brothers Ad.  
Friction Steel Toys... No Springs to Wind!

                                                                                               1930 Butler Brothers Ad.

Marx Municipal Airport with two Aero gas pumps and one airplane with friction motor and revolving propeller.
1930 Marx 6" Zeppelin and Marx 4 1/2" Airplane.
Marx #61 Race Car, Racer.
1. Marx 5" Mack truck promoting L. Bamberger & Co. stores.  
2. Marx 5" Mack U.S. Army truck.
3. Marx 5" Mack American Trucking Co. truck.
4. Marx 5" Mack Aero Oil Company truck.
1930 Marx Mechanical Toys Catalog pg. 5

1930 Butler Brothers Ad.                                                        1930 Butler Brothers Ad.  

Marx Racer, Marx Zeppelin, Marx Oil Truck.
Marx Busy Parking Lot.

1939 Catalog Ad.

Marx Universal Motor Repair Machine Shop.
1939 Catalog Ad.

Tools are Screwdriver, Hammer, Cresent wrench, pipe wrench, and wrench for the wheels on the car.

Great Ad shows how the car has removable wheels.

Marx Roadside Rest Service Station.

Sears Fall 1935 Catalog

Marx Greyhound Bus Terminal Station with two original Marx buses.   

1937 Sears Catalog Ad
Marx Gull Service Station with original box.

Marx Tin Uncut Factory Sheet Gull Service Station roof.     

Close up view. Edge reads: SERVICE STATION ROOF - LEFT SIDE - ( GLENDALE )

Marx Busy Airport Garage.

Need info on what catalog this ad is in and year???

Marx Road Construction Set. Set consist of Marx Midget caterpillar tractor with crane, dump trailer, cement mixer, road scraper, sand scoop, road roller, shovel, wheelbarrow, pick and road signs.

Sears 1939 Ad shows full set with cardboard                                          Sears Ad 1940 set came without the cardboard

building.                                                                                                building and the tractor was copper.

RARE...Marx Road construction signs.

Marx Sunny Side Cardboard Garage.

Three Marx friction Motor cars.

Two Baby Blue cars and one Silver car.  I have also seen this version motor in a red car also.
Marx Baby Blue Friction Motor Car with original label.
Label reads: 
This car is equipped with a FRICTION MOTOR and will run uphill,
forward and backward.

Marx Friction Motor Car.
Marx Wind Up Motor Car.
Marx Key Wind Up Motor Car.  This car pictured above is missing the support bar in front of motor.

Marx Honeymoon Garage.

Sears Fall 1935 Catalog Marx Honeymoon Garage.    Marx 5" garage for the 4" Marx car. Same garage used with
                                                                                          the Marx busy Parking Lot.

Marx Magic Garage.  The car drives up the green ramp and the doors open automatically!!!

Wyandotte 2 Car Garage.
Wyandotte Shell Gas Station.
1938 N. Shure Co., Chicago Ad.

1932 Butler Publication.
Girard Mammoth truck train.  Comes with box trailer with tailgate, tanker trailer, Stake trailer, Side dump trailer,  rear dump trailer.  Truck has the Rooster Comb hood ornament.
1932 Butler Publication.

Top:      Wyandotte 5 1/2" truck.
Middle:  Wyandotte 5" Sedan.
Bottom: Wyandotte 5" Coupe.

Picture to the right.... you will see all three on the Wyandotte Auto transport.

1932 Butler Publication.

Wyandotte Auto Transport.  Car Carrier, Hauler.

Girard Auto Transport.  Car Carrier, Hauler.  Truck has battery powered headlights.

1935 Simmons Publication.
Marx Auto Transport.  Car Carrier, Hauler.

1934 Sears Fall Catalog Ad.
Marx Chrome Cab Over Studebaker trucks.

1937 Sears ad shows a Marx truck filled with candy.
 Marx and Wyandotte Easter trucks.

Late 1930's to early 1940's Easter trucks.
These trucks were originally filled with Easter grass and candy during Easter.
Most were ink-stamped with images of rabbits or chickens.
Marx Easter trucks were ink-stamped on both sides.
Wyandotte Easter trucks were ink-stamped on only one side.

Any Easter trucks with purple/lavender

MARX Near Mint 5 1/2"  Easter Dump Truck. Rabbit INK stamps on both sides.


MARX  Near Mint 6" Easter Dump truck. Rabbit INK stamps on both sides.

MARX  6" LIMOUSINE in Easter Colors.

Wyandotte 12" Easter Stake truck.  Ink stamp of a rabbit and it reads: FUNNY BUNNY WANTS TO STAY
Wyandotte 12" Easter Dump truck.  Ink stamp of a rabbit.
Wyandotte  6"  Easter Dump truck.  Inl stamp of a rooster.

Looking for a 6" Wyandotte Stake truck!!!

Wyandotte Near Mint 6" Easter dump truck with Roaster INK STAMP on one side.
Marx Easter Cab Over Studebakers.

The top two Easter stake trucks both have yellow wood wheels.

1.  Marx 7" Pink and Light Green stake truck.
2.  Marx 7" Pink and Light Blue stake truck.
3.  Marx 6 1/2" Pink and Yellow dump truck with Pink tailgate.
4.  Marx 6 1/2" Pink and Yellow stake/dump truck with Pink tailgate.
Marx 4" Easter trucks.  
Wyandotte Easter truck 10" long.  Truck has dark pink cab and light green stake bed.  Truck has the tin litho
wheels with baby chicks, and baby chicks hatching.  Ink stamp of a bunny that reads:  FUNNY BUNNY WANTS
Wyandotte Easter truck 11" long. Truck has light pink cab and baby blue stake bed.  Truck has the tin litho
wheels with baby chicks, and baby chicks hatching.  Ink stamp of a bunny that reads:   FUNNY BUNNY WANTS
Wyandotte 6" Rooser Comb Easter Trucks.

1. Top Left:   MINT CONDITION unplayed with Pink & Light Green Stake truck.  Came with no INK STAMP.
2. Top Right: Baby Blue & Pink Stake truck with INK STAMP of a bunny:  FUNNY BUNNY WANTS TO STAY!
3. Bottom:     Pink & Light Green dump truck with a Rooster INK STAMP.

Marx 12" Easter truck with matching 12" shovel.       Marx 12" Light Green Shovel with Logo Stamped.
Tri-color truck Pink cab, Light Green body, and
1. Wyandotte 6" Easter dump truck with Roaster INK STAMP on one side.
2. Wyandotte 6" Easter stake truck with FUNNY BUNNY WANTS TO STAY! INK STAMP on one side.
1. Marx 6" Easter Coal truck with rabbit and chick INK STAMPS on both sides.  Truck is baby blue & yellow.
2. Marx 6" Easter Tow truck has no INK STAMPS but has the baby blue & light green paint.

Here is a picture of part of my Easter truck collection.  I have all of my collection on display in cabinets.
Why collect if you cant look at them??  I have most of them behind glass to save on the dusting.
Marx 6" Easter truck with chick INK STAMP on both sides.  Truck is pink, yellow, baby blue tailgate.

Wyandotte Toy Town Milk truck with original load and cardboard insert.
Toy Town Milk Co.  Milk for Health cardboard bottle caps.
Marx Meadow Brook Dairy truck with original load and cardboard insert.

Load: Two Milk Glass Milk Bottles with cardboard inserts.
Marx Marcrest Pure Milk Dairy truck with original load and cardboard insert.
Load: Three Milk Glass Milk Bottles with cardboard inserts.
Marx truck train.

1.Marx Baggage Express trailer with original load and cardboard insert.
2.Marx Meadow Brook Dairy trailer with original load and cardboard insert.
3.Marx Motor Market trailer with original load.
4.Marx Ice trailer with original load and cardboard insert.

Picture to the right:  5 unit truck train, Be in "business" on a large scale...baggage express with metal trunk
and haul truck; pick up, deliver milk, groceries, or ice.
1940 Sears Catalog Shows the Marx truck train pictured to the left.
Lumar Express Baggage called for and Delivered.

Load:  Dolly / Hand Cart and tin litho Steamer Trunk.
Meadowbrook Dairy.

Load: Two Milk Glass Milk Bottles with cardboard inserts. 
City Ice Co.
Load: Glass Ice Cube and metal ice Tongs.
Marx Army truck train.
1.Marx Army canopy trailer.
2.Marx Army cannon trailer.
3.Marx Army stake trailer.
4.Marx Army trailer.
Marx Builders truck train.  Truck is ink stamped on both sides: BUILDERS TRUCK
1.Marx log trailer.
2.Marx Sand & Gravel trailer with sifter screen.
3.Marx Contractors and Builders Dump trailer.
4.Marx Gravel Mixer trailer
Marx Army truck collection.
Marx Cannon Army truck with Cannon Army trailer
Marx Anti Aircraft Gun Army truck.

Marx Army Scout Car with tin litho soldier load.

Marx Army Scout Car was made with two metal clips in the bed to hold four Marx tin soldiers.
Marx Army Soldier Truck with tin litho soldier load.
Marx Soldier truck had six clips punched out of the bed to hold six Marx tin soldiers.
Marx 13" Studebaker Cab Over Hook-and-Ladder Fire truck.

1940 Wards Catalog.
Marx Pull Toy Fire truck with ringing bell.          Wood fire extinguishers on back of truck.

Marx Motor Market truck with white hub caps.  1940 Wards ad above shows it has a Loaded Grocery Truck.
Marx Motor Market trailer with red hub caps.
Spiegel 1942 Ad
All three trucks for $0.98 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The original Marx broom in the picture left is very rare!!!
Marx Lumar Coal Co. truck.
Marx Sand & Gravel truck.  Marx Sand & Gravel trailer.
Marx Coal Chute.
Marx Rapid Express Pickup Truck.

Marx Roadster, car.   WANTED: Looking for any color car not above!!!

Marx 4" Sedan, car.                                                                       WANTED: Marx Main Street Garage

WANTED: Looking for any color car not above!!!                              Marx Busy Garage.

Wyandotte Shovel, Wheelbarrow, and Hand Truck Set No. 107 on original cardboard sheet.
Sears Fall 1935 ad for Marx Sunnyside garage / Main Street Garage.
I would like to find this version of the garage.

Marx Semi Truck and Trailer Bank.
Marx Chrome Studebaker bank.
Marx Armored Bank Truck.

The Marx key is a three prong key with three holes in the top.

This key is also the same key used with the Marx Budget Banks.

This key is also used with the Marx Tin Suitcase Bank.
Close up view of how the three prong key works.  

1937 Sears Catalog Ad.

Promotional Mailer Contest Envelopes.
Wyandotte Sophie Tucker ROI-TAN Promotional Coupe.




1934 Ad showing my dump truck to the left. My red,
black, and blue dump truck is a wind up like the one in
the above ad.
1. Girard Tri color Coal Chute Dump truck.
2. Girard Tri color Dump truck with friction motor.
3. Girard Tri color Tow truck.
4. Girard Tri color Gas Tanker truck.
5. Girard Tri color Panel truck with drop down tailgate.
6. Girard Tri color Panel truck with friction motor and tailgate.
Looking for this Girard Tri color in Pastel Easter Colors.


1. Girard dump truck with moveable tailgate.
2. Girard red stake tailgate.
3. Girard yellow stake tailgate.
1 Girard Stake truck.
2 Girard Stake truck.
3 Girard Dump truck with moveable tailgate.
4.Girard Tanker truck.
5.Girard Tow truck.

Looking for good examples of Girard trucks with the stamp grills.

1. Marx Roadster with camper.
2. Marx Gas tanker.
3. Marx Bank truck with original key.
4. Marx Delivery truck with back door.
Back ends / doors of all four are different.

1. Girard panel truck with yellow tailgate.
2. Girard dump truck.
3. Girard tanker truck.

Marx Blue Bird Garage.



1. Marx Silver & red tow truck.
2. Marx baby blue & red stake truck.
3. Marx red & blue tank truck.
4. Marx Green & Red dump truck with tailgate.
5. Marx red & silver wind up dump truck.
6. Marx red fire truck with original ladders.
Marx six inch Fire truck with original ladders.  Ladders lock into the bed of the truck.
Marx tan / beige truck with blue bed

1. Marx Greyhound Bus.
2. Marx Armored Bank with original key.
3. Marx Coast To Coast Delivery truck.
4. Marx Wind Up Ambulance.  Ambulance Ink stamped with red ink
Marx 2 wheel carts RED, WHITE, BLUE hand trucks.

1937 Sears Ad shows the Marx 6" car
came with this set.
Spiegel 1942 Ad
This ad calls the Marx six inch car a racing car.
Sears Fall 1936 Catalog.
This Ad shows how the Marx Baggage trucks tailgate was used to unload the trunk.
1937 Sears ad shows Marx six inch baggage truck going with this set.