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The Symbian version of cuteTube is currently available for all Symbian^3 handsets. For the best performance, I recommend upgrading to Belle, if available. The latest version of cuteTube for Symbian is 1.0.7, and is available from Nokia Store.

Some features of cuteTube for Symbian:

Search for YouTube videos
With cuteTube, you can search for YouTube videos and playlists. When searching for videos, you can order the search results by date, relevance, view count or rating.

View video info, comments and related videos
Once you see a video you like, you can tap the thumbnail to play it, or alternative tap on the item to view the details of the video. Once here, you can 
  • View the video description.
  • View comments and post a comment of your own.
  • View related videos.
  • View the uploader's profile, uploads, favourites, playlists and subscriptions (if made public).
  • Search for other videos based on one of the tags belonging to the video.
  • Like or dislike the video.
  • Play the video.
  • Download the video (upto 1080p if available).
  • Add the video to your favourites.
  • Add the video to either an existing playlist or one that is newly created.
  • Add the video to your 'watch later' playlist.
  • Share the video to your facebook or twitter account.

View a user's profile and uploads etc
When viewing a user profile, you can also view their uploads, favourites, playlists and subscriptions (if made public). You can also choose to subscribe/unsubscribe to the user.

If you are viewing your own profile, you can also upload a video and view your 'watch later' playlist and recommended videos.

View and manage your uploads and downloads
cuteTube allows you to both upload and download videos. Here you can view the transfer progress and manage your transfers. Downloads can be paused and resume whenever you like, and any incomplete downloads will be saved when application is closed, and later added to the transfer list when you re-launch the application at a later time.

View and manage your archived videos
Once downloads are completed, they are added to the archive, which you can access from the cuteTube homescreen. Here you can browse, search, play and manage your previously downloaded videos. Any videos that you no longer want to keep can be deleted from within the archive. You can choose the location of the archive (where completed downloads will be saved) from the settings.


Q: Why can't I stream videos on my device when using a particular network connection?

A: In Symbian, the video player has it's own individual access point setting. Video streaming will not work unless this access point is set to one that your device is currently connected to. For example, if the video player's access point is set to a WiFi connection, but your device is connected only to 3g, the video player will display an error message when attempting to stream a video. To change the access point, go to Settings > Application settings > Videos, as shown in the screenshots below:


Further questions or feature requests

If you have any further questions about cuteTube, or would like to request a feature, please send an email to showarth@cutetube.co.uk, and I will respond as soon as I can.