Marvin's Site

This is the personal website of Marvin Weiss, a nice Jewish boy from the Bronx, with stories to tell. There are three pages that you can read that contain autobiagraphical stories about my life. 
The first, Navy Tour , tells about my US Navy tour during the second word war. Don't worry. I did not see any action being just too young. I was in training when the war ended. But I did have a glorious year on a real aircraft carrier and visited numerous sites in the Pacific.
The second, BreakingThe BritishBlockade,  tells about my participation in in the Clandestine immigration to Palestine, Aliah Beth in Hebrew, and my subsequent role in the Israel war of independence. It also tells about the birth of the Israel navy.
The third, An Inventor's Life, describes my professional career as an electrical engineer. It describes most but not all my projects, the failures as well as the successes. It also has a section on Half Baked Ideas and Conjectures where I can vent some screwy ideas.
Send me your reactions. Maybe we can have some interesting conversations. My email address is