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Marty's Headline News:      

    Pool Tournament!  We're holding Pool Tournaments every other Saturday each month.  Tournaments start at 3:00 and there's a $5.00 Entry Fee. The bar matches the pot for the grand prize. Get here early so you can get registered and get your spot!

Munchies Munchies Munchies!
Next time you're here, check out our Munchies Menu! For a mere $5.50, you can have your choice of Pizza, Chicken Quesadillas, Egg Rolls, Cheese Sticks, Mini Corn Dogs or Mini Pizza Rolls! Just ask the bartender! 

Check out our NEW (Updated Sept. 22, 2018) Specials! Check our Specials tab by following this link: Our Specials 

Beer Menu!
We just posted our Beer Menu! It's located on our "Specials" tab - just click on Our Specials to check out our daily specials and our amazing beer selection! 

Karaoke News!
Simon and his Karaoke Jukebox hosts our Karaoke show will entertain THursday through Saturday nights. Karaoke will start at 9:30 every night and run until 30 minutes before closing. Check in on our Karaoke tab (Our Karaoke) for details!

Tap TV Trivia Comes to Marty's!  We've got Tap TV Trivia at the bar - ask the bartender how to join in! Tap TV Trivia lets players go head-to-head with trivia fans from around the nation in live, multiplayer competition. From sports to history to popular culture and more, Tap TV Trivia has something for every trivia fan.

SIN Specials! Everyday special pricing for fellow industry workers! Ask at the bar!


Marty's Tips and Trivia: Ask our bartender for the Wi-Fi password! 


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