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  Journal Articles   

Legislation Blocking Antitrust Investigations and the September 2012 Russian Executive Order
37(1) World Competition 103-120 (2014)

Export Cartels: Is it Legal to Target your Neighbour? Analysis in Light of Recent Case Law
15(1) Journal of International Economic Law 181-222 (2012)

A Comparative Look on Foreign State Compulsion as a Defence in Antitrust Litigation
8(2) Competition Law Review 143-167 (2012)


Peer-reviewed Working Papers

 Avoidance Techniques: State Related Defences in International Antitrust Cases
CCP Working Paper No. 11-2 (2011)

Short Pieces

The Irish High Court Issues its First Order on a Commitment Agreement between the NCA and an Undertaking (FitFlop)
e-Competitions, N°51262 (2013)
in coll. with AL Hinds

The Polish Competition Authority Submits a Draft Amendment to the Polish Competition Act: Revolution or Fine-Tuning?
e-Competitions N°50563 (2013)
in coll. with M Bernatt

Editorial - Both Sides Now
8(3) Competition Law Review 217-221 (2012 )
in coll. with S Calkins

Book Reviews
 Mapping the (New) Limits of Antitrust. Review of the Global Limits of Competition Law, Ioannis Lianos and D. Daniel Sokol (eds.)
33 Northwestern Journal of International Law and Business 1A (2013)

International Antitrust Litigation: Conflict of Laws and Coordination, Jürgen Basedow, Stéphanie Francq, Laurence Idot (eds.)
5(4) Global Competition Litigation Review 174-175 (2012)

Trade and Competition Law in the EU and Beyond, Inge Govaere, Reinhard Quick, Marco Bronckers (eds.)
18(4) International Trade Law and Regulation 106-107 (2012)

Cooperation, Comity and Competition Policy, Andrew T. Guzman (ed)
33(2) E.C.L.R. 106-107 (2012)

David Held, Cosmopolitanism: Ideals and Realities
40(2) Millennium-Journal of International Studies 400-402 (2012)

David J. Gerber, Global Competition: Law, Markets and Globalization
32(4) E.C.L.R. 221-222 (2011)

Antitrust and Regulation in the EU and US - Legal and Economic Perspective, François Leveque and Howard Shelanski (eds.)
32(1) E.C.L.R. 478-479 (2011)


Europe would be empowered by an energy union
Opinion Piece published in the Irish Times on 26 September 2014
see also the online version entitled:
Why we need a European energy union
published in the Irish Times Online.

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